IPE-GS - with automatic fuel regulation


For IPE-GS is it possible to arrange automatic with a module called AUTOGM.

Automatic means that everything is controlling itself, regardless of what fuel you fill and how much. It is the oxygen sensor output signal that tells AUTOGM if the fuel quantity is okay or not. The automation does not require any other quantities (such as the engine temperature), except for the lambda signal.

With AUTOGM you can select whether the whole should be guided by half or a full auto. Personally, I not think there is any point to use half-auto if full-auto is among the alternatives, therefore is full-auto my choice. In fact, I do not believe I have a need of either a full-auto or a semi-auto function because I rather set the pulse extension manually and then I see what different fuels (derived from a filling station) have for quality. Is it about a person who is not familiar or interested in this, then should it exist a need to use automation.

Also the choke can be arranged so it behaves completely automatically because a fairly simple but ingenious module called ACM permits it. Some might wonder if it really works? After I drove my car with full automation in about a week without any problems turned up, so it should work well. What I noticed was that the lambda probe adapts the fuel depending on driving style. When I drove it in city traffic increased the pulse extension but when I drove on the high road, pulled it back what it previously added but in the end it seemed that the regulator found the optimum position and nothing happened after that - regardless of driving style.

Necessary modules are therefore AUTOGM, FFGM or LFFGM (full/half automatic) and ACM (full/half automatic). AUTOGM have a fairly high component density and can be difficult to manufacture without UV equipments.


If you want to look closer on this thing you can download it here:

In the zip-file can you find everything required to implement it (manuals, diagrams and PCB-files)
- except to realizing it.


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