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    by CEO of EE • 2022-02-17

Many who know me a bit probably think that Bjorn is a real UFO. He walks around with a foil hat and seems to like it. I will now try to shed some light on the subject of UFOs. Point out some facts that might pique someone's curiosity.
It is rare for ordinary people to receive relevant information. Not infrequently start a conversation with the phrase “do you believe in UFOs”. Most people now understand the meaning of this abbreviation and do not care, but one thing should be kept in mind. The word “ufo” has always been considered a highly charged word! Those who investigated UFO reports in the 1950s in the United States (ie military personnel) tried as much as possible to avoid the word “UFO”. Ufo's made people think of alien creatures and secret conspiracies. Therefore, they preferred to say “the incident” or “what the witness saw” etc. If you study a well-known Swedish magazine about UFO topical, it is almost impossible to find the word “ufo” anywhere, except in the footnotes on the pages. This avoidance of the word “UFO” has thus been going on uninterrupted since the 50's and even into our days.

For a scientist, UFO means an “unidentified flying object”, as investigators have not yet found an explanation for what it is, but to the press officer, UFO means extraterrestrial spaceships and secret conspiracies in the deep state. It's actually quite comical because the press officers ignore thinking scientifically here. It is much more important to immediately silence all UFO fools by carefully choosing the right word.


One of the UFO investigators employed by the USAF was J. Allen Hynek. As a new employee, he was very skeptical of the UFO hysteria that prevailed in the United States in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. This attitude was clouded over time as more and more Americans witnessed alien space creatures here and there, often riding in disc- or saucer-like vessels. Hynek was an astronomer and well acquainted with how easy it can be to misinterpret stars, planets, bollids, and other natural phenomena. But as I said, there is a limit to what can be considered a “phenomenon”. Hynek categorized four types of observations. First, second, third, and fourth kind. Where the third and fourth kinds include saucer crews. Although the subject was new and unexplored, he always tried to see problems with scientific eyes.

Another problem with the UFO reports is their variable value. Compare a young person who is interested in science fiction and who sees a flying saucer - with a highly educated person filming a flying object. Assume further that it was recorded by a radar system. In the first case, one must believe what the witness said or experienced. In the second case, you have a witness who saw something and then documented it on film. In addition - data from a radar. The fact that one can determine an unknown object both with a human mind and with a measuring device gives a many times higher value of the report.

There are two methods of measuring a quantity – Subjectively or Objectively. An example of a “subjective measurement” is when you feel with your hand what temperature an object has. An example of an “objective measurement” is when a value is determined with the help of a thermometer. This is then called “scientific proof”. Thermometers do not lie, as do cameras and radar antennas.


If we talk about UFOs, it is partly about a person's sensory experience, possible photographs, or recordings by a radar station. J. Allen Hynek quickly understood the value of coherence between these different types of registrations. He called such a multi-observation “radar visual observations”. These are also fraud-proof which is a big advantage. Unfortunately, this wisdom was shared not only by Hynek but also by many other well-informed people. For example, scientists, military personnel, aviation experts, etc. If all air traffic controllers constantly and regularly reported to the public when a UFO appeared on their radar screens, we could fairly quickly classify the UFO phenomenon as something real and ongoing. What happens in reality is the exact opposite. The air traffic controllers have orders to do nothing at all when a UFO is observed. It may not have been part of their education, but sooner or later the knowledge is obtained. It's very simple. The air traffic controller must quickly report the UFO to a predetermined receiver, usually a military radar station. That's all! No discussions or reports just drop it. For example, should a police officer call the tower and ask if they have seen anything, all air traffic controllers must say – no, we do not see anything.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
IMAGE ©gettyimages
You can say that what has been presented here is basic UFO science. Once you have gained this insight, it is much easier to understand your surroundings. But as always, there are exceptions to the rule. There is information that proves that the crash in Roswell in 1947 could be studied via a radar system. There is also information that they were previously familiar with radar-mapped unknown flying vessels and that they eventually slid to the plant - they tried to disturb one of the vessels with some kind of radio beam. It seems that they succeeded beyond expectations… The ghost rockets in Sweden in 1946 could be seen with radar. It has been confirmed that a Swedish dragon pilot received radar information from ground radar and was then able to lock the object with his own radar. This happened in 1977 close to Gotland. Then we have the 2004 Tic Tac movies, where fighter jets chase UFOs. These could be detected by marine radar. The reason there are exceptions is because people leak sensitive information. It is never possible to have the information confirmed by civilian or military authorities. The Pentagon Tic Tac 2004 can be seen as an exception because the military authority eventually recognized 143 ufo's or UAP! At some point, the truth must come out, otherwise you might suffer from bad karma?


One may ask whether “the ghost rockets” really were ghosts or rockets? Let me shed some light on the problem. Even during World War II, analog computers and automatic control systems existed. The computer was needed in the bombsight of conventional bombers and control systems in, for example, the STUKA plane - to be able to straighten the cart after the bomb was dropped. Sweden has always been at the forefront of military technology. It is not impossible to imagine Swedish-made controlled missiles with built-in analog computers, much like V1 and V2, although a little more advanced. These German missiles were manufactured in large numbers, and during the Ardennes offensive, hundreds of V1s and V2s were literally hurled at the Allied positions. It was considered the weapon of the future and if they had more time and resources, even better missiles could probably have been constructed. It is conceivable that Sweden, which previously helped Germany to develop weapons systems, also had its own missile projects underway. When the war ended, the war scenes disappeared and they were forced to test-shoot them over their own territory. After the test missile reached the target, a small charge was triggered, so that it could not be found and stolen by civilians. Hitting a lake was probably the best option? On the one hand, they got a confirmation that the missile navigation system worked, on the other hand, no curious people could put rhubarb on the stuff, and on the other hand, the self-destruction mechanism did not cause any harm to people, farmers, and animals. The “cruise missile”, drone or spy robot that the Berg couple saw in Nammajaure in 1980 was probably an advanced construction for that time. It can be assumed that the robot got lost. When the fuel starts to run out, there is only one alternative and that is to land in a lake (it is the robot's electronic brain that decides that). The military finds it through signal reconnaissance. The United States had a lot of different drone projects going on in the 50's, or “spy robots” as it was called at the time.


Also UFO-Sverige respects J. Allen Hynek's work. Hynek stated that the scene from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which depicts some air traffic controllers in a control room, is a good reference for what also happens in reality. Its staff is really in a good position to be able to detect UFOs! Most of the time it passes unnoticed such as in this movie. However, what happened at O'Hare Airport in Chicago in 2006 did not go unnoticed. The easiest way is to study this event at YT. It is obvious that the air traffic controllers lie even when the pilots ask them. As long as the UFO does not pose a danger to the aircraft, there will also be no discussion about its possible existence.

O'Hare Airport in Chicago 2006
IMAGE ©YT@The Spiderman
Another American hero who has actually succeeded in obtaining numerous testimonies from retired military, other personnel, and air traffic controllers is Dr. Steven M. Greer (trauma surgeon with a burning interest in the unknown). It was Steven who was the father of the now historical “The Disclosure Project”. Among the speakers was a former air traffic controller, employed by the USAF, named Michael W. Smith and who was on site when a group of police chased several UFOs on Route I75 1972. The police called the air traffic controller tower several times and asked what information they had, but Michael always answered – we see nothing on the radar. He himself has said that he could also visually distinguish both the UFOs and the police cars that were chasing them. They were pretty hard to miss.

Michael Smith ©YT@Exopolitical Archive Prior to that, Michael (completely in line with the regiment) had called NORAD (a military radar station) and informed them of what was going on. NORAD then chose to redirect two B52s that were about to cross the UFO's route. It's stupid to worry our space brothers with threatening bombers during their visit here on earth…

UFO-Sverige usually says - if there is a big conspiracy, then someone wants to reveal it. Not everyone can shut up all the time. When people suddenly appear like Steven Greer and who managed to gather a whole bunch of dissidents, then UFO-Sverige thinks that this whole bunch is scammers. And the biggest villain of them all is of course Steven Greer. Here in Sweden, people keep quiet in any case. I have never heard of any pilot or air traffic controller wanting to speak next to his mouth during the UFO era. The exception is then Sven Hjalmarsson who flew the dragon plane. After a while he leaked the information, he died in an accident.

One place that is not so far from where I live is the Saab field in Linkoping. This is where the military tests new prototypes such as fighters and reconnaissance aircraft etc. You could say a small Swedish Area 51 in miniature. There is a hill near the field that you can climb and then look out over the area. If you do so, a security car will usually arrive and park next to it, just like in Area 51, if you stay there in close proximity to the base. Then we have Malmslatt, which is another military airfield, but on the other side of the town. Feverish flying activity takes place there every day. It is military personnel who are being drilled. Clas Svahn was there once and scolded the pilots. He said – I know you regularly see unknown flying objects, so go ahead. But everyone was silent. They took the hint right away. If any pilot had had thoughts of speaking next to his mouth, he probably came up with other ideas after that firecracker. No, Swedes are good! They reveal nothing, ever. The punishment is then handed out if someone does it - certainly as an amen in the church.

Even in Sweden, there is actually an exception - there is always an exception. The former chairman of UFO-Sverige, CAJ. Carl-Axel Jonzon (born in Motala) and who in his youth worked with repairing radar equipment in Malmslatt spoke quite often next to the mouth. Not about his job (he never got to know anything, I guess), but the job was partly sensitive. In any case, there was no promotion. It was CAJ who in 2003 together with Torbjorn Sassersson dropped the bomb - that Clas Svahn is actually a psyops. Clas and many other of his people took over UFO-Sverige in 1980 (via a questioned vote) and managed to replace everyone involved with new people and change the organization's direction. It may sound like I'm negative about everything that UFO-Sverige stands for. I actually sometimes read the magazine “UFO-Aktuellt”. Those who write in it are committed, more than myself. Many articles about various UFO cases are interesting and should be investigated better. Great commitment creates synergy effects, which is good. The conclusions the writers come to, however, can often be questioned.

Majestic 12 document ©Calaméo There is tons of material about UFO-Sverige that I could discuss, which can be difficult without starting to get entangled in irrational logic about imaginary things. Apart from CAJ/Sassersson, Gosta Carlsson, Sten Lindgren, etc, and some debaters (for example me), Sune Hjorth is probably the most difficult opponent so far. Sune pushed the thesis that we are all led behind the light of the political authorities and that Clas (then chairman of UFO-Sverige) actually works for military intelligence, which CAJ also later pointed out. The evidence presented by Sune is MJ-12 or Majestic Twelve, a secret American group or document from the 50's that shows that the deep state has a good knowledge of flying saucers. Well-known ufologists around the world have rated MJ-12 as genuine, while others have reject it. UFO-Sverige has rated MJ-12 as a scam. It is interesting that in MJ-12, the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia) are not enemies but partners. “Majestic Clearance” is in UFO circuits an authorization code - the highest. Robert Lazar possessed MC while working at S-4.

Now maybe people are thinking - Bjorn really hates Clas! If Clas is a psyops, then it is not only he who is the problem but the whole deep state or NATO that is the object of hatred. Clas Svahn is a well-read and intelligent person with the gift of speech. Such a person is difficult to win against or contradict, one must be well prepared. Then I think this guy has really been gifted with a good physique because he has always looked younger than he is. A more orderly and sane person than Clas is hard to find.

If one drives things to a head then you can add three plus seven, subtract two and then add four, and so on. The UFO problem is complex and at the same time fascinating. As early as 1990, Sune Hjorth talked about how South Africa received special equipment from USAF. The year before, they managed to shoot down a flying saucer with a laser cannon in the Kalahari Desert. These visitors carefully noted what was happening and then adjusted their flight routes. If you have to land or stay close to the ground, it is important to constantly move in different directions, so that no laser has time to lock. There are rumors that some flying saucers have been captured militarily, something that the military absolutely does not want to leak. More facts on these questions can be gleaned from Wendelle C. Stevens or Milton W. Cooper's surveys. It is not impossible that in recent decades a compact satellite-based defense system has emerged around our planet that takes care of those who try to sneak through. You know “SDI” that Ronald Reagan talked about... Counteracting immediately is the goal, which means that it is currently very rare with flying saucer observations and their crews. As usual, the tracks lead to the top of the pyramid, you know Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rothschild, and company. At the same time, a campaign is underway that the reason why so many have seen so much strange in the air over the years is due to Kenneth Arnold and his observation in 1947 (they did not even look like saucers). That there is a small KA in everyone's back head and pulls the strings. This also applies to children. Let your children freely build a flying saucer in cardboard/plastic and you will see things that surpass most.

IMAGE ©YT@New York Post


Now to the most nutritious in this article. It is mainly two articles in UFO-Aktuellt that were published not so long ago and that I want to criticize. The first takes up Steven Greer and the second Robert Lazar. In UFO-Aktuellt nr2 2018 with the headline “Continued battle about little Ata”, is about how Steven received a negative message from Garry Nolan who was given the task of examining the creature's gene set (DNA). It turned out to be human! UFO-Sverige calls the creature “Little Ata”, in other words, it was a female human child. In that case, it must be the smallest person in the world who ever have lived. UFO-Sverige chooses to attack Steven Greer and who is considered a saucer fool of rarely seen dignity. – How does the man think when he thought the creature was an alien? They seem to think. Yes, what can one say? A creature that is only 13 cm tall but still looks like an adult - an intact individual… It's like taken from the movie Men in black. That Dr. Greer is educated and has worked as a trauma surgeon, they do not care. I mean that his life experience can have a certain significance to be able to assess medical problems… Imagine if the creature was on the operating table and someone had to provide it with an oxygen mask - the mask would cover the whole creature. To us, a syringe would look like a drain pipe with a water pipe fitted. Try to insert a water pipe into a human arm… This is what is so suspicious about UFO-Sverige. One goes to frontal attacks on the most inexplicable UFO cases. It is as if you want to inflict as much psychological damage as possible, to get both the main character and those who follow this out of balance, which actually seems to work quite well. Many people probably already thought before that Steven was a tricky type and it will be even more tricky now, right?

Little Ata

UFO-Aktuellt nr4 2020 “The Mystery of Bob Lazar and Area 51”. In the previous article, which is also about Robert Lazar, I went through the two sections on Area 51 in the UFO podcast. After a while, an article appeared in UFO-Aktuellt about this man. Robert with his friend Jeremy Corbell had made a documentary, in addition to the book “Dreamland” by Robert. Do I have to tell you that it was Robert who placed the secret base Area 51 on the map or Nellis Air Force Base, as it is actually called? Area 51 is only a small part of this military complex.

Look at that! UFO-Sverige and Dr. Svahn have finally scrapped the theory about the tormented children on S-4. It says nothing about it in the article. However, the article is a critical examination of both Robert Lazar's and George Knapp's activities. It may be needed considering what these gentlemen have been delivering over the years… If you read between the lines, you understand that UFO-Sverige thinks that Robert is a strange guy. He does not behave as a solid Swedish physicist would have done, I think they think? They are not alone in thinking so. Many other Americans feel the same way. In fact, it seems that Robert himself has realized that he is an unconventional figure. None of the other employees at the Los Alamos lab drove around in a jet-powered Honda. People who worked there could hear the car long before it arrived. It was in that crank Dr. Edward Teller met him and that was the reason EG&G wanted to hire him. They had got stuck on S-4 and were desperately looking for someone who could think outside the box. But the fact that Robert has not even been able to show his school grades is actually a bit strange - I can agree with that.

UFO-Sverige is of course right to think whatever they want about Robert Lazar but it is embarrassing when UFO-Sverige starts teaching nuclear physics. Robert claimed that he understood nuclear physics, so then we can do it too, they seem to deem. Firstly, what Robert has said before has been completely misunderstood. Robert said that it was not entirely certain that it was a stable isotope of UUP (element 115), but that was the best guess so far. Robert said that it is not possible to extract UUP in our solar system in such quantities that it can be used as fuel. It is possible to synthesize in extremely small amounts in particle accelerators in order to be able to study its properties. This was exactly what happened in 2004, even though S-4 was the first to receive a stable variant. An isotope that decays in 1.2 seconds, what use can anyone have for that?

It is clear that UFO-Sverige does not understand these basic concepts, yet they begin to master Robert and turn physics to his own detriment and then claimed he is lying - this is both foolhardy and highly unscientific! Congratulations UFO-Sverige for a new low-water mark! They succeeded in passing atomic physics to the kindergarten level. Thinking of printing a shirt with the text “There are 115 atoms in Moscovium” under the UFO-Sverige emblem…

There is possible to obtain a copy of these two articles from UFO-Aktuellt. They are translated into English and packaged as a pdf document. I cannot link to the documents as this would violate the distribution of protected material. Only concerned can get them. They are replicas, not original. I believe that people have the right to be able to read what other unknown writers have written about them.

©UFO-Aktuellt nr4 2020     ©UFO-Aktuellt nr2 2018

Finally, we must thank Robert Lazar for giving us insight into saucer technology. A power source that can generate antigravity gives rise to a number of different side effects or synergy effects. In addition to gaining lift also traveling great distances by creating synthetic black holes, travel back in time, accelerating without g-forces, creating invisible force fields, making craft invisible or difficult to see/detect. It is information that helps us understand what no one had a whiff about before Area 51 and S-4 became each man's property. So then all that remains is to bow and thank you for your efforts: Robert Lazar, George Knapp, Steven Greer, and all others!

info about Michael SmithMichael W. Smith served as a military air traffic controller and “Early Warning Operator” at US Air Force, between 1969-73.

In the spring of 1970, Michael was stationed on the radar station in Klamath Falls Oregon and one evening when he arrived it was already crowded there. Michael wondered what was going on and they replied that they watching an UFO. Like most uninitiated in the UFO phenomenon, Michael was excited and wondered if the Pentagon and the president were informed? But that was not the case. Michael considered that this is earth-shaking news and must be spread as soon as possible! Michael was advised to calm down and one of the staff explained that NORAD had been notified and that’s all. We observe what happens then everything returns to normal - no report, nothing.

Michael insisted and felt that something had to be done. The senior staff then explained that if this happened, it would result in an inch-thick report, where two pages are about the observation, the rest will be a psychological profile of you, your family, and relatives, and where all possible accusations will be directed at you - as for example that you are a drug addict, that your mother is a communist, etc. Anything that can dishonor or discredit you. You will never be promoted, deported to the North Pole, live in a tent, and maintain weather balloons. The message was crystal clear and no more attempts were made by Michael trying to expand the phenomenon.

The UFO was stationary and then start to descend behind a mountain so that the radar could not detect it. After about 15 minutes, it reappeared. In an instant during a radar sweep, it moved 200 miles to another location, hovered there for a while, and then began a new descent. This was repeated three times.

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is the US radar center and has overall control over all suspected flying objects that are in or on their way to North America. It is NORAD that tracks and identifies all detectable aircraft and decides if any military action is necessary.

On a later occasion, NORAD called the Klamath Falls station and alerted Michael about a UFO that was on its way to KF from the California coast. Michael asked - what do you want me to do? – Nothing! Just keep an eye on it, do not write anything, just observe. Each air traffic control tower has a logbook where you note everything that deviates from the normal, so that is why observations of UFOs are extraordinary events because no reporting or logging may be done.

The next incident took place in the fall of 1972 at Sault Ste Marie Michigan, where Michael was then stationed. A bit south of the city was a ground-based radar station (46.456459, -84.387697). An upset police officer called and told about three unknown air crafts at the Mackinac Bridge, the bridge that connects southern and northern Michigan. Michael could see on the radar screen that one tower on the bridge was a little bigger than the other. The crafts circulated between the bridge and Mackinac Island and then began to move north along the I75 road.

The answer the police got from Michael was - There’s nothing on the radar. This is the standard answer that all air traffic controllers must provide regardless of what is visible or invisible*. Several other people also called the radar station. Among them was a sheriff, but also private individuals and reporters. Michael called NORAD and it turned out that at that very moment, two B52 bombers were about to cross I75 where the unknown vehicles were assumed to be. This led to NORAD redirecting the planes to a new route around this location. After that, the entourage approached the radar station itself so that Michael with the naked eye could distinguish both the UFOs and the police cars that were chasing them. No sound was heard if one disregarded the sound of the subsequent police sirens. The UFOs radiated light, as did the warning lights of the police cars.

* Provided that safety is not compromised. For example, if an aircraft is intercepted by a nosey unknown flying object, the air traffic control tower must confirm that they also see the object, provided that it is possible to detect, which is not always the case. For example, if the distance between the station and the object is large with regard to its size or if the object's shape, surface structure, or unknown reason makes radar detection impossible.

Sault Ste Marie Radar Station
IMAGE ©Ralph E Bugg K8HSQ

info about SDIIt was during Ronald Reagan's tenure that the program for the satellite-based “Strategic Defense Initiative” SDI began to take shape, also known as “Star Wars”, referring to the film with the same name. The year was 1983. There is no information on how this then proceeded, but Edward Teller was one of those who defended the project. The purpose of SDI was to destroy intercontinental nuclear-armed robots (missiles) at an early stage with the help of lasers, X-ray laser, particle beams, and more. Ground-based laser cannons were also included in the concept. During the same period, this president made several statements about a possible threat from an alien force and how small our earthly problem would then appear if this threat became real. Search for “reagan threats alien force”. At least four such statements/speeches were made in front of cameras. It is not known how many were made in total, but some were also recorded on tape. These speeches were therefore not about a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. All the speeches differed a little from each other but the main content was: if we could imagine a threat outside this world, an alien force, and how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish, etc. Everyone who took part in this including me did not really understand what he meant, it just sounded weird. But so far afterward, one can see it as a karma confession. That those in power must tell us about what they intend to do. If there is a satellite-based defense system against alien military forces, one may wonder who has helped us build it? There is a lot that needs to be revised if this were to be discovered. For example, knowledge about space, technology, science, extraterrestrial life forms, what Elon Musk does, what Russia, China, and NASA does, etc.

Link image: J. Allen Hynek ©IMDB
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    by CEO of EE • 2020-07-10
The grandiose UFO-Sverige

Robert Scott Lazar and his activities in Area 51 have always had the ability to provoke our national organization UFO-Sverige. They prefer not to mention his name at all, but if they have to say something, it focuses on Robert's extensive life and other embarrassing details - despite the fact that even UFO-Sverige themselves are drawn with similar rumors and which they themselves do not comment on.
Area 51 and Bob Lazar are the most interesting things that have ever happened in terms of UFO. I remember the discussions in the past about Bob Lazar - many were of course skeptical - they meant that he lied or got the whole thing wrong. According to the Swedish UFO-research, named: “UFO-Sverige” (same as UFO-Sweden and this is a national organization). Their view has always been the same: Robert Lazar is a former brothel owner who simply invents a story about aliens in Area 51 and which he was a part of, period. – Robert is a multi-faceted person with several odd special interests, which George Knapp can sign. – A person who behaves in this way would never be hired by CIA to research secret projects, UFO-Sverige says. – So, that Gothenburg trip that UFO-Sverige did long ago, what was that about? Or as Kurtz said: what is it called when the murderers accuse the murderer? When you listen to Swedish Radio Podcast you get the impression that S-4 is just a backdrop for something else - a place where one performs secret medical experiments on children. That particular statement is extremely problematic, something I never have speculated on. Wonder how the Swedish Radio thought when they came up with this theory? I suspect that UFO-Sverige is very pleased with that episode (UFO-Sverige must constantly intervene in how Swedish radio programs about UFO should be made).

It seems that UFO-Sverige concern oneself about that Robert once saw a glimpse of what he thought was an extraterrestrial. Why is this important? Would he become more credible if he saw a squadron of aliens, or maybe none at all... According to UFO-Sverige, all known UFO cases around the world are spectacular non-events, such as Roswell, Rendlesham Forest, and Area 51. There are people who lie and hallucinate and where the lack of evidence is what speaks against them. The absence of evidence is the biggest problem Clas Svahn says (Clas Svahn is the only official spokesperson about UFO in Sverige). There is no evidence that the Ghost Rockets existed either, to be fair (the Swedish ghost rockets in the 40s is Clas Svahn's favorite case). However, the ghost rockets consider C.S. - is a very important UFO-event that is worth to be studied thoroughly. He has traveled land and kingdom around, dived in lakes, talked, made movies, and written endless columns about the subject - this is something that is essentially comparing other UFO events... Sure, there are many consistent witnesses, but no one has managed to fish up even the smallest wreckage after a crashed rocket. Some of them exploded, but closer than that no one has come this phenomenon.

Is there any logical explanation for why Robert Lazar behaved as he did? Yes, in my opinion, there is an explanation. Robert has never changed his (fictional) story, but what has happened is that more details have emerged. Details that explain why it turned out the way it did. The military base could call in Robert anytime, for example - late at night. Since he was not allowed to reveal anything, his wife became suspicious - does he have a date now? Things did not get any better as his wife de facto had a secret relationship, but the base knew because they intercepted all conversations. The job itself was of course extremely exciting, but also extremely dangerous. Robert's task was to disassemble the reactor. The problem was that those who previously had tried to do this, died because the reactor exploded. The military base thought something like - shit, our best technicians die when they do what needs to be done. What should we do? - Employ a narcissistic technician and in that way, we do not have to worry - when it's finally time for disassembly. Robert himself has stated that the disk was extremely difficult to process. Everything seemed to be built with the same material that also had the same color, including interior, seats, reactor, and gravity amplifier. There were no screws, rivets, or welds. It was as the whole vessel was molded in one piece. Electrical gadgets such as circuit boards and wires were it any sign of either. The task was like a nightmare. It is not impossible that Robert understood that he was the next man in turn and therefore tried to leave this situation he had ended up in. Before Robert started with the main task, he was introduced and got acquainted with an already dismantled reactor plus amplifier, which someone had removed. Robert said it was lucky that he did not succeed in that feat. The job was thus super exciting but at the same time life-threatening - it must have been a difficult time for Robert. When he finally was fired, it was important to make such a big deal out of it and as quickly as possible - to have a chance to survive. He does succeed with this. There are many indications that Robert also smuggled out some of the element 115 - an extra life insurance. At the end of his employment, the calls became increasingly rare. After being off for several weeks, he could no longer keep quiet about what he was doing. It was almost as if the military base was pushing Robert as much as possible. The situation eventually became unsustainable.

There is at least one more witness regarding Area 51. A man named Philip Schneider spent a lot of time in the area in the 70s and 80s. Like Lazar, Schneider was employed by the military, but Schneider's role was to participate in the construction of underground military tunnels/bases around the country. You could say that Phil Schneider is a Robert Lazar ten times, one who has really heard and seen things. And he has not only met aliens but also with gunshots involved once. Schneider knew more about what was going on in Area 51 than what Lazar does if one believes what he said during his lectures. For example, there is an S-2 in addition to S-4 and that there are nine DUM bases under Groom lake. Schneider has not had any problems smuggling out various materials either. For example, element 123 (murinite), the super-heavy element 140 (corbonite), the paper-thin super-strong material from Roswell, and others. Phil Schneider has said a lot, for example, that we only know 5% of the truth, or even less. Around 1995, a DUMB was built in Sweden, which is very large. If the ceiling height is 30 ft, then the length is 75 miles if the width is also is 75 miles! This underground base was sponsored by the UN...

Phil Schneider has told us that the American army came into contact with gray aliens and their saucers as early as 1909. They were then called gray demons and the vehicles for horseshoe ships, etc. Without these encounters with aliens (who were here much earlier than humans), it would not exist bases like Area 51. It is the same in Sweden. If there had not been so many observations of ghost rockets (concentrated in some places), certain military bases would not be built in the northern area. I have not personally checked out this particular connection, but it was actually C.S. who told me that once.

So, if it is true that Sweden has one or more DUMBs as in the USA, then it can be concluded that our country has a very deep cooperation with NATO. It also means that there is no democracy, rather a kind of militarism mixed with plutocracy. But according to Phil Schneider, it is the aliens who have the last word and he also warned - that if we do not oppose ourselves, there will be war at some point in the future, when these aliens want to take over the whole race.

We can only hope I am wrong and that we are moving towards better times - because, if you talk about something terrible that could happen, it usually does not happen - it is a kind of security anyway.

The grandiose UFO-Sverige by CEO of EE
Link image: UFO-Sverige emblem and Sport Model ©The Guardian
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The grandiose UFO-Sverige
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