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    by CEO of EE • 2020-07-10
The grandiose UFO-Sverige

Robert Scott Lazar and his activities in Area 51 have always had the ability to provoke our national organization UFO-Sverige. They prefer not to mention his name at all, but if they have to say something, it focuses on Robert's extensive life and other embarrassing details - despite the fact that even UFO-Sverige themselves are drawn with similar rumors and which they themselves do not comment on.
Area 51 and Bob Lazar are the most interesting things that have ever happened in terms of UFO. I remember the discussions in the past about Bob Lazar - many were of course skeptical - they meant that he lied or got the whole thing wrong. According to the Swedish UFO-research, named: ”UFO-Sverige” (same as UFO-Sweden and this is a national organization). Their view has always been the same: Robert Lazar is a former brothel owner who simply invents a story about aliens in Area 51 and which he was a part of, period. – Robert is a multi-faceted person with several odd special interests, which George Knapp can sign. – A person who behaves in this way would never be hired by CIA to research secret projects, UFO-Sverige says. – So, that Gothenburg trip that UFO-Sverige did long ago, what was that about? Or as Kurtz said: what is it called when the murderers accuse the murderer? When you listen to Swedish Radio Podcast you get the impression that S-4 is just a backdrop for something else - a place where one performs secret medical experiments on children. That particular statement is extremely problematic, something I never have speculated on. Wonder how the Swedish Radio thought when they came up with this theory? I suspect that UFO-Sverige is very pleased with that episode (UFO-Sverige must constantly intervene in how Swedish radio programs about UFO should be made).

It seems that UFO-Sverige concern oneself about that Robert once saw a glimpse of what he thought was an extraterrestrial. Why is this important? Would he become more credible if he saw a squadron of aliens, or maybe none at all... According to UFO-Sverige, all known UFO cases around the world are spectacular non-events, such as Roswell, Rendlesham Forest, and Area 51. There are people who lie and hallucinate and where the lack of evidence is what speaks against them. The absence of evidence is the biggest problem Clas Svahn says (Clas Svahn is the only official spokesperson about UFO in Sverige). There is no evidence that the Ghost Rockets existed either, to be fair (the Swedish ghost rockets in the 40s is Clas Svahn's favorite case). However, the ghost rockets consider C.S. - is a very important UFO-event that is worth to be studied thoroughly. He has traveled land and kingdom around, dived in lakes, talked, made movies, and written endless columns about the subject - this is something that is essentially comparing other UFO events... Sure, there are many consistent witnesses, but no one has managed to fish up even the smallest wreckage after a crashed rocket. Some of them exploded, but closer than that no one has come this phenomenon.

Is there any logical explanation for why Robert Lazar behaved as he did? Yes, in my opinion, there is an explanation. Robert has never changed his (fictional) story, but what has happened is that more details have emerged. Details that explain why it turned out the way it did. The military base could call in Robert anytime, for example - late at night. Since he was not allowed to reveal anything, his wife became suspicious - does he have a date now? Things did not get any better as his wife de facto had a secret relationship, but the base knew because they intercepted all conversations. The job itself was of course extremely exciting, but also extremely dangerous. Robert's task was to disassemble the reactor. The problem was that those who previously had tried to do this, died because the reactor exploded. The military base thought something like - shit, our best technicians die when they do what needs to be done. What should we do? - Employ a narcissistic technician and in that way, we do not have to worry - when it's finally time for disassembly. Robert himself has stated that the disk was extremely difficult to process. Everything seemed to be built with the same material that also had the same color, including interior, seats, reactor, and gravity amplifier. There were no screws, rivets, or welds. It was as the whole vessel was molded in one piece. Electrical gadgets such as circuit boards and wires were it any sign of either. The task was like a nightmare. It is not impossible that Robert understood that he was the next man in turn and therefore tried to leave this situation he had ended up in. Before Robert started with the main task, he was introduced and got acquainted with an already dismantled reactor plus amplifier, which someone had removed. Robert said it was lucky that he did not succeed in that feat. The job was thus super exciting but at the same time life-threatening - it must have been a difficult time for Robert. When he finally was fired, it was important to make such a big deal out of it and as quickly as possible - to have a chance to survive. He does succeed with this. There are many indications that Robert also smuggled out some of the element 115 - an extra life insurance. At the end of his employment, the calls became increasingly rare. After being off for several weeks, he could no longer keep quiet about what he was doing. It was almost as if the military base was pushing Robert as much as possible. The situation eventually became unsustainable.

There is at least one more witness regarding Area 51. A man named Philip Schneider spent a lot of time in the area in the 70s and 80s. Like Lazar, Schneider was employed by the military, but Schneider's role was to participate in the construction of underground military tunnels/bases around the country. You could say that Phil Schneider is a Robert Lazar ten times, one who has really heard and seen things. And he has not only met aliens but also with gunshots involved once. Schneider knew more about what was going on in Area 51 than what Lazar does if one believes what he said during his lectures. For example, there is an S-2 in addition to S-4 and that there are nine DUM bases under Groom lake. Schneider has not had any problems smuggling out various materials either. For example, element 123 (murinite), the super-heavy element 140 (corbonite), the paper-thin super-strong material from Roswell, and others. Phil Schneider has said a lot, for example, that we only know 5% of the truth, or even less. Around 1995, a DUMB was built in Sweden, which is very large. If the ceiling height is 30 ft, then the length is 75 miles if the width is also is 75 miles! This underground base was sponsored by the UN...

Phil Schneider has told us that the American army came into contact with gray aliens and their saucers as early as 1909. They were then called gray demons and the vehicles for horseshoe ships, etc. Without these encounters with aliens (who were here much earlier than humans), it would not exist bases like Area 51. It is the same in Sweden. If there had not been so many observations of ghost rockets (concentrated in some places), certain military bases would not be built in the northern area. I have not personally checked out this particular connection, but it was actually C.S. who told me that once.

So, if it is true that Sweden has one or more DUMBs as in the USA, then it can be concluded that our country has a very deep cooperation with NATO. It also means that there is no democracy, rather a kind of militarism mixed with plutocracy. But according to Phil Schneider, it is the aliens who have the last word and he also warned - that if we do not oppose ourselves, there will be war at some point in the future, when these aliens want to take over the whole race.

We can only hope I am wrong and that we are moving towards better times - because, if you talk about something terrible that could happen, it usually does not happen - it is a kind of security anyway.

The grandiose UFO-Sverige by CEO of EE
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The grandiose UFO-Sverige
by CEO of EE

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