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Report 2 (2019-11-15):

Lately, important information has been given, which explains what happened to me, before I seriously started studying the subject of health. I have touch the problem on my site, but there is another Swede who has in an authoritative way provided his explanation for how it works. This gentleman will henceforth fight of the space on my website together with Joel Wallach, James Sloane, Doctor Tent and others. His name is Lars Bern, who is also a civil engineer in technical physics, a doctor of technology at Chalmers University and has held a number of high positions in society. Often called “King Bern” by the crowd - a giant megaphone for the micro-human I would like to say... Lars knows a lot and is interested in what I am doing here, which feels positive. Mikael Willgert, who runs Swebbtv on Youtube have I a lot to thank for too.

Lars has reported on what is called “THE METABOLIC PANDEMIC” and requires a long lecture before the extent of this for us in western values affected can be understood. This excellent work has its roots in the district physician Annika Dahlqvist's LCHF diet advices (also from Sundsvall), which many suffer from diabetes have greatly benefited from - getting diabetes is a consequence of the pandemic's effects.

Already at 35 I noticed signs of the metabolic pandemic - my stomach was starting to bulge. I have always kept myself in pretty good shape by running a few km a week but at the age of 46 I got so bad on my knees when I ran so that I kept up with this form of exercise for about a year. When I turned 50, I noticed that now it is no longer workable to exercise and not to hold back on food during weekdays. I was overweight and seemed to age alarmingly quickly. Around 48 I got plaque psoriasis (an autoimmune disease) on the knees, elbows and in some other places.

These ailments are common today and affect many people. It is a consequence of regular soda consumption or other large sugar intake and intake of a lot of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, pizza etc.), plus derogate of the intake of vitamins and minerals in the days of adolescence... As a young guy I used to eat an orange in the morning which probably has helped a lot. Vitamin C is broken down by moisture so relying on fruits to get C is not enough, unless you eat them fresh... I have been drinking fairly moderate amounts of soda over the years, one glass a day - but it is enough! On the weekends, there was at least one pet-bottle - could it be called “soda alcoholism” ? I drink soda very rarely nowadays and if one end up doing this - one have to notice the changes fairly quickly. You do not have to give up sugar completely, but if you refrain from drinking soda, you more than halving your intake. Juice in the form of light drinks I think is a good substitute. However, beware of sugar substitutes!

Headaches had I more and more often when I was approaching 50. I noticed that there was a link between skull pain and bowel problems (constipation), but how this could be tackled I knew nothing about. If I had started taking iron earlier, I should have been able to avoid that problem, but I knew nothing about it. A regular intake of vitamin C in the form of “ascorbic acid” and iron had probably kept many problems out of reach, but again; ignorance dominated totally - until 2016 when I began to understand the relationships. The genial Lars also discovered the healing ability of this vitamin quite late in his life; however, many of those who practice medicine study understand the importance of vitamin C.

I had back pain from time to time in the past, but now I only get it when I'm very active, lifting and fixing. It is inevitable that 50-year-olds will get back pain - the back get bad with the years. Had I already started with calcium, magnesium and silicon supplements at the age of 25, then maybe I completely round it? But today's back pain cannot be compared to what I had before I started taking supplements. It wasn't back pain, it was back-evil. Sometimes I got lumbago. I got lumbago twice when I set up a tent, and then were this vacations over. Back pain mixed with knee pain and also pain in elbows and fingers. When I twisted a cloth hard - great pain. Pain in the foot if you were badly heated before you started running. Suddenly I started to limp, instead of jogging - what a misery... But all has disappeared or reduced to a minimum with the intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin d/k, lithium etc. Just this change of skeletal decay into an up structure of the skeleton is the clearest change that the alternative medicines have been able to achieve. It has been very interesting to have experience that!

There are many ailments that have disappeared with all supplements. Heart palpitations when going to bed. I asked myself - why is it so hard for my heart to beat now in the evening? The problem is spelled magnesium deficiency. I got mild tinnitus at 45 and it also subsided after 2016. A few months ago I took Ginkgo Biloba and then it decreased even more. Do not take GB if you already hear well, the leaves of the tree are usually not healthy to consume... Creepy bubbling in the larynx that feels like a large lump in my throat - should I die now? In fact, I have not completely got rid of these attacks and I do not know what it is, but the strength and frequency of the attacks have been reduced. I had a strong itch in my hand around 44 and lasted a few days - after a few weeks - a new itch, so it went on. I scratched myself incredibly much sometimes, so that the skin on the palm was torn away and it was formed wounds. Even the fingers itch. Thought first that this was a sign of estrogen excess with which the liver reacted at, but quite recently I became aware that instead it is about foot fungus that has spread to the hands. So I have been dragged with foot fungus for at least 10 years without to completely eliminate it. This is self-inflicted because I spend quite a bit of time in and around public shower environments.

More about foot fungus and the ailments psoriasis brought in this document.
Grass allergy and my allergy to cats have I been drawn with since my childhood. Every summer is one reminded that now the mugwort is growing, or that you go into a house and quite quickly become aware that here has the cat been housed. My allergy today, so up to the years to come, is less. Nowadays I eat Allegra one, two or at most for three weeks. Previously, I ate non-prescription allergy medicine June, July and August. The year was 1987 when I first took Teldanex - the allergy disappeared immediately. It was a strange experience to walk around in the forest and nature without having to snore and scratch your eyes. Since then I have taken similar preparations every year during the summers, with reduced effect however. Exactly what causes allergy / hay fever I do not know but I noticed that stomach enzymes were as effective as Allegra... Nowadays I do not eat any enzymes but probiotics from ex cabbage roots and kefir are consumed (the shell of root vegetables contains bacteria from the soil). Everything else in the form of vitamins and minerals that I eat probably has a certain significance that means that my allergy has now more or less been marginalized to a negligible bracket in my life. It's the same with asthma that I always got in the fall (molds). I used Bricanyl/ Turbuhaler, especially before a jogging round - then I took a dose or two. At present, no asthma medication is taken at all, for the simple reason that any asthma no longer exists.

A few months ago I took Lars Bern on the words and cut down my intake of carbohydrates and I get slender almost immediately. As a 50-year-old it is probably hard to win the battle of the balloon belly, but it is clearly better than before. Carbohydrates always cause a fermentation process in the intestines. It was Lars who let me understand that. Obviously, one not always understands certain relationships, but it sometimes required a long lecture by a better briefed person to understand.

Worth mentioning is that our closest relatives - the monkeys, have a longer colon than we have. Thus, we have longer small intestine than monkeys, which is shorter in them. The reason is that monkeys (gorillas) can eat more green, which then has to be fermented properly, hence a longer colon. The human intestinal system is most similar to the predator's intestinal system. Meat and fat is already finished, just drive it directly to the cells via the blood. That the belly swells up is natural, the gorilla's stomach is big most of the time.

So, what conclusion cans one draw after three and a half years pill-crunching?

Since I was quite old before the alternative medicines became part of my life, so can one not count that the body shall be fully recover, the damages is too great. I am still very pleased with the result. That I still have feelings in my back and knees may depend on the lead (soldered smoke). It takes 5-7 years before it has gone away, so who knows - maybe I'll be completely symptom-free soon? However, psoriasis is not gone (yet), it has been the hardest nut to crack. From a surface point of view, there were larger areas of the body that were covered by psoriasis before the dietary supplement get started (that was in May 2016). The percentage decrease was about 60-70. The conclusion is that alternative medicine is essential to obtain good health. The disadvantages are that it costs money and takes some time to deal with.


When the tablet variant of Omnisyms / Omnimin Pure stopped being manufactured, I switched to Omnisym Pharma / Omni Vegan. The difference is that the new one consists of green capsules. The green is chlorophyll, which is the only thing that separates the old yellowish tablet. Otherwise, they are completely identical in terms of both content and quantity (apart from the chlorophyll and the substances that make up the capsule). I ordered a can from the Swedish Dietary Supplement and started consuming the capsules (one tablet/capsul a day in the morning is enough). After a while, I noticed that my stomach felt quite bloated at the day and in the evening. At first it was difficult to link this problem to Omni Vegan - it is a super supplement that is difficult to surpass. Several tests were done with a stop to then start again, but the problem return as long as the capsules were eaten. I did not get really sick but felt bad and so it certainly should not be. A short time ago, I bought a similar can Omni Vegan again, but over the counter - now at a pharmacy. These capsules I have had no problems with. I may have to stop ordering supplements? One becomes an easy prey...

So, in addition to Omni Vegan - a tablet of Elexir/ Calcium Magnesium (an exciting composition of calcium and magnesium). An aqueous solution with MSM and lithium plus a splash of water-dissolved glauber salt (facilitates bowel movements) and which I tip with a little ascorbic acid. In addition, I take some cod liver oil mixed with linseed oil 50/50 and a half apple. These are my supplements at breakfast.

After lunch, I take Terra Nova / Easy Iron Complex (ferrous bisglycinate), potassium supplement, silica and b vitamins. The way to take silicon and B vitamins can vary greatly, so there are no direct rules. I run with Active Care / Silica and Bjäst myself. In addition to this, I also take B12. When it comes to iron, I avoid iron glucanate which I feel extremely bad at! Extra iron is taken in the form of Active Care / Iron & Vitamin C which runs with iron fumarate which is totally okay. Later in the evening: vitamin d and two milliliter of my own CalMag7525, plus some ascorbic acid (just like Lars). Later in the evening - ascorbic acid again.

Avoids gluten and carbohydrates from cereals, days like evenings except in the morning. Eat a lot of fat in the form of pork, coconut oil, cod liver oil, linseed oil and butter. No soda, economical with sugar but lots of honey and maple syrup. So it looks if we not will delve into details...

Sometimes, I also eat various amino acids.

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Report 1 (2019-11-15):

In order to more easily obtain important information - a news-page in the website ”health” must be introduced. It can be about anything that has to do with our well-being. The main track is biology but it does not prevent the concepts from being expanded beyond one or other. The summer 2016 was the date when this health site was created and is thus a subdivision of - Essential Electronics (www.esstronic.com).

Some of what is said here will be about me and what I have done. Have you (as me) had the bad luck to suffer from an autoimmune disease? They are hard or almost impossible to deal with, despite the fact that every effort is made to prevent the lack of necessary nutrients. The autoimmune diseases are more and more common in today's society - that was not the case before. Is there any connection to our modern life in any way? If one looking carefully - maybe there is an answer somewhere...
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