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When I online found the cancer medicine HAMLET the year 2010 and realized that it is not used in current cancer treatment (even though the substance was discovered back in 1994) have I also been interested in other advice about other diseases and health problems associated with health products around the world. Here have Youtube dominated as a source of inspiration but sometimes also from newspapers etc. This site is of course primarily about technology, electronics and fuels, but if the engineer or chemist or the pilot is suffering from ailments and do not have time or energy to engage in what is our hobby and our calling - what is the joy anyway? Especially interesting becomes it for us who passed the 50 - for it is well then various ailments and age-related ailments begin to assert themselves? That said, first we have to maximize our bodies, souls and our psyche before we can tackle the tricky science formulations. Unsurprisingly, those advices are exclusively about chemistry or more precisely: the body's chemistry and what you choose to put in your mouth.

I believe I have found a lot of useful information that one should consider. Taking this to the heart is my hope that the life-quality rises to an optimum level.


     In addition to what I have written before about HAMLET have I come up with some other very interesting statements and ideas about this plague and I will first discuss this before we go any further.

Other ways to cure/prevent cancer has been proposed by the American James Sloane as with a friend Markus Rothkranz also figures on Youtube. James has as a student after earlier researches found that even sharks get cancer. The general view before (or myth) was that sharks do not get cancer, but this is not the case. According to JS is the main reason to get cancer: STRESS. Stress is the initial trigger - the main reason. Stress along with coffee, cigarettes and similar stimulants are even more dangerous because the body's immune and protective systems are weakened due to poor nutrient diet. I'll also talk about another American: Dr. R.E.Tent (or Dr. T), which also can be found on Youtube. Common to these two practitioners of healing is that they have a holistic approach and that they are advocates of alternative medicine. Dr. Tent is also very critical regarding vaccines, which I later will explain in more detail. Even Tent has embarked on the stress line as a cause, among other reasons - why people are affected by cancer. Both Dr. Tent and J. Sloane agree that cancer may be related to a virus. According to Dr. Tent is the origin of cancer a virus that US intelligence planted into polio vaccine in the 50's and 60's. The virus is called SV40 - the Cuban missile crises and the assassination of JFK 1963 has an important role in this story.

As usual are there a bunch of Americans who are at the forefront while the rest of us imitates as good as it goes...


     C vitamin is a good cure against cancer, but in most cases will it not come to rescue before it is broken down and destroyed. Only some berries/herbs have the ability to deliver vitamin C in time to the cancer region. Amla berries or ”Indian gooseberry” contains polyphenols which stabilizes vitamin C and makes it 12 times stronger than regular vitamin C. Completed with bioflavonoids (vitamin P), which is obtained by the intake of citrus fruits and berries.

Several years later, I would like to update the vitamin C information. It has emerged that this vitamin is much more essential to health than I first thought. No other vitamin possesses the same healing ability as C. One could simplify all this with health and name vitamin C, calcium / magnesium, silicon, iron and water as the six most important substances in a person's life. Obtaining C using amla powder, which can be ordered both here and there nowadays - is not a good method. It is uncertain how much is left during the journey from India. It is safest to eat ascorbic acid or salts of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C / ascorbic acid are broken down by moisture so lemons or oranges are not to be trusted unless you grow them at home... The ascorbic acid can be consumed diluted in water. James Sloane's advice is to take 500 mg of ascorbic acid 3 times over the day, that is about 0.5 milliliters x 3. If you take more, you risk oxygen deficiency as vitamin C consumes B12 which affects the blood's ability to transport oxygen. I have talked to individuals who have taken megadoses of vitamin C. Then it can be about 10 grams a day for a short period, which is far more than the recommended dose. Apart from the above mentioned side effect, nothing happens - the excess goes out through the urine. The Swedish engineer Lars Bern, who now often figures in alternative media in November 2019 as I write this, has had cancer himself. Lars can attest that the ascorbic acid really works well, but you have to distribute the daily dose throughout the day because it breaks down quickly. His advice is to mix 10 grams of acid into a liter of water and in this way you get the vitamin throughout the day as the water is drunk. Lars Bern is also the originator of the metabolic pandemic, which is a very interesting research work and which explains how Big Pharma works and how healthcare has tricked us into eating the wrong things all this years. Joel Wallach was right - dead doctors don't lie...

Linus Pauling

Linus Pauling considered that intravenous vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine are necessary to cure cancer - that he was very much criticized for.

Most people who are knowledgeable believe that vitamin C is among the best cancer cure and mainly among them all should be mentioned Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel laureate) who studied the vitamin very carefully and what it really is. What they came to realize was that vitamin C is the same as ascorbic acid. Linus Pauling is one of the most intelligent chemist/biologist ever. Everyone mentioned here agrees, including myself. Another area of use for ascorbic acid is to neutralize water. All tap water in Sweden contains more or less chlorine. This is because the chlorine prevents water pipes from growing again from within (of green algae). This also means that we, as residents, drink chlorinated water. One way to remove the chlorine from the tap water is to add ascorbic acid, only small amounts are required - a pinch of per liter is enough. Acids are good at descaling, so even with ascorbic acid. Gray/brown coatings in pans and the like are thus avoided.

Something you might encounter regarding supplements of vitamin C is the risk of getting kidney stones. Kidney stones problems tend to be hereditary, and some claim that there are substances in the cheap effervescent tablets enclosure that provides kidney stones and not the vitamin. Others argue that it is not high calcium values but rather low calcium levels that cause kidney stones due to that when the body has a deficiency of calcium will it produced by the bones instead, which residues generates kidney stones. The most accepted hypothesis is that a surplus of vitamin C leads to high levels of oxalic acid (when vitamin C is degraded formed oxalic acid). Oxalic acid together with an excess of calcium or magnesium can form kidney stones. The science of nutrition can sometimes be a bit confusing because there are usually many factors that interact to achieve a result.

The fact that C can form kidney stones is an established and accepted hypothesis. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there is nothing to prove that it is so. It's like Andrew Saul usually says: C caused kidney stones is like a unicorn. Everyone knows what a unicorn is and everyone can draw or describe a unicorn, but few have seen it with their own eyes. Andrew Saul is usually called ”The MegaVitamin Man”. Saul advocates that you decide for yourself what the correct dose of Vitamin C is. That's pretty simple logic. If you feel well and healthy then you probably have a good quantity of C in your body. If you are ill or are feeling bad - take C until you feel good. The body alarm when it has had enough - the intestines tells you (clearly). If you are ill, your body will not be satisfied with 100 mg a day - rather more than 100,000 mg is required! Yes, you heard right, 100-150 grams for a day. You cannot take 100 grams of ascorbic acid directly, but it is about distributing the dose. For example, 2-3 grams every 15 minutes during waking time, until you feel that the cough, cold, fever etc start to leave. Linus Pauling also took copious amounts of ascorbic acid. There are no dangers of overdosing vitamin C, the positive effects predominate.

Ascorbic acid is especially effective when some kind of diffuse pain sneaks up (usually in the evenings) - give it a try...
Other cancer inhibitors are: Larrea Tridentata, Poke root, Pau d' arco, Myrrh, etc. Especially worth mentioning is Chaparral or larrea tridentata which according to JS is excellent! It has a lot of advantages which must always take into account in case you want to build a protection against cancer. Chaparral has anti-inflammatory properties and also works against heart disease, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, type 1 diabetes, lung infections, herpes, etc.


     Recipe for cancer-inhibiting berries / herb mixture:

Chaparral (larrea tridentata) 3 parts
Pau d' arco 2 parts
Red clover blossom 2 parts
Jiaogulan 2 parts
Andrographis 2 parts
Turmeric 2 parts
Amla 2 parts
Nettle leaf 2 parts
Dulse 2 parts
Myrrh 1 part
Licorice root 1 part
Poke root 1 part
Juniper berry 1 part

   These should be thoroughly mixed together. The recommended dose is half a teaspoon three times daily on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before a meal. To this can be added a small amount of unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon to make it more appealing for the taste buds.

In addition to vitamin C should one also ensure that the intake of Zinc and Selenium are abundant. Even Germanium is beneficial but it must be of this variety: bis betacarboxyethylgermanium sesquioxide. For more information I recommend reading James Sloane articles on www.medcapsules.com. Many of us already know it, but it's worth repeating that something that has to be avoided completely is Sugar. According to the cancer researcher Judyth Baker is sugar (powdered/cube/granulated/icing) almost comparable to a chem product - a chemical! A rocket fuels for emerging cancer tumors. Refined sucrose is what we consume most of but there are other sugars, such as glycose, fructose, lactose and maltose.


     JS also advocate the use of the relatively newly developed substance Q10, which after several studies show amazing good results. Q10 is like a spark plug (like when one can apply engine terms on the human functions) for the body's cells. Especially heart function benefits of Q10. To take one tablet a few hours before a physical effort or a sport activity can be a good idea. You can actually compare Q10 with doping but this coenzyme is naturally present in all humans and can therefore not be classified as doping.

Here it's time to sound a note of warning. Physical activity increases the water intake! Clean water may actually result in a leaching, that the body is depleted of nutrients. The water solubility ability pulls beneficial minerals and trace elements from the body and then it disappears through sweating or urination. To reduce the risk should you round out the water with a mineral so that the water not can solve as good anymore. Here JS suggest that one should use Silicon (silicon dioxide, silica, sand) - not only for semiconductor... It makes great use in our bodies and is a trace element that one not should lacketh of, if you are an active person? One should however not add calcium in the water.


     When this was said must one also take into consideration that we can buy spring water in the grocery, so what does that mean? Spring water or mineral water is usually minerals from the bedrock that has been dissolved in water and which we drink. These inorganic compounds tend to be of the type: carbonates, oxides and sulphates. Such minerals can be classified as hard and as our bodies are difficult to manage. They are belonging to the process industry like chemicals in a paper mill. The same effect is achieved, however with spring water - avoiding deplete the body of beneficial minerals. Despite the indigestible ionic forms are mineral/spring water an extremely important source to be able to assimilate the rare earth minerals that the body not should have a lack of, such as: Boron, Tin, Cobalt, Vanadium - just to name four then. Such water is extracted from the Great Salt Lake in the United States (Mineral Drops) - more about rare earth minerals later. This type of spring water surpasses everything in Europe: add 7 drops of Mineral Drops per liter of ordinary tap water and let this be your thirst quencher!


     Multivitamin/minerals that one for a cheap price can buy from discount stores, usually consist of carbonates, oxides and sulphates. In addition to chlorides, it's like nibbling at a paper mill. There are minerals - Yes, but very inefficient when the body lets most of it pass. If you're unlucky, these hard compounds will be converted to kidney stones (they're originated from stones anyway). It is when our crops are irrigated with mineral enriched water that miracle occurs. The plants convert even ”hard” ions to colloidal minerals that the body is adapted to take up effectively. Example of hard ions: calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, iron sulphate, zinc sulphate and sodium selenite. Examples on soft or good ions (organic compounds): calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, iron bisglycinate, manganese ascorbate, selenomethionine and others. Preferably avoid vitamin/mineral supplement based on the effervescent tablet variant, with the exception: Magnesium! However, this mineral can advantageously be purchased as an effervescent tablet. Magnesium helps enzymes do a good job and thus contributes to good digestion, therefore you should take magnesium in conjunction with meals. Another important point to do is that one can drink only water for lunch without it just tastes water.


     The trace element Iron tend women have a lack of while men usually not. Iron is a very important component of our bodies which unfortunately has been given a hidden spot on this site, but now it is time to change it. It is iron that is responsible for the transport of oxygen to all cells, an extremely important activity! Tired and generally weak? Then it is usually about iron deficiency. Headache is another sign. Vitamin C and iron work in symbiosis with each other and should therefore always be combined. We are all unique in both age and body constitution. Due to genetic differences may anyone have a greater or lesser need for some vitamin or mineral. Regarding myself, I often suffer from iron deficiency. The effervescent tablet, which is based on iron gluconate I strongly not advise. This type of iron is deadly when it forms blood clots - I have experienced this myself. Iron gluconate and iron lactate are carcinogens - Warning! Also watch out for iron sulfate. Bisglycinate, citrate, (fumarate), ascorbate and succinate are better. Iron in excessive doses can also be a problem when it forms oxidants (free radicals). Low hydrochloric acid in the stomach makes it difficult for the body to absorb iron, which can be a reason to check - usually applies to older individuals.

If one suspects that the gastric juice not is acidic enough, one can do a Burp test. This is a primitive method for getting a hum about where you are on the pH scale, but it is sufficient if you do not have such great requirements. Read more about this under ”The alkaline pandemic” below. Acid reflux is not a result of a stomach that is too acidic but because it is not acidic enough. The stomach is trying to get rid of the food that is not digestible - upwards! A rather drastic measure - something that should be investigated. Ignoring this and instead choosing to live with a far too basic stomach can have devastating consequences. The stomach and intestines can no longer absorb essential minerals, which cause various bodily functions to degrade and in this way accelerate aging. This, with low acidity in the stomach is, I would say, one of the most common health problems in the Western world (if you ignoring the metabolic pandemic). Many disorders including balloon stomach, IBS, Crohn's disease and Ulcerous colitis can be related to low acidity in the stomach. One may wonder why so many are affected? Smokers are spared from these problems because nicotine/tobacco favors the production of hydrochloric acid.


     James has experienced firsthand how tumors can be removed with a hydrogen peroxide solution. With the help of a syringe filling the tumor with peroxide and thus terminate it chemically. When that happens dissolves the tumor like in a chain reaction, very fast. In principle will the tumor instantly disappear - but it stings.


     Cancer that is difficult to locate can be treated with ozone gas. An air stream with a concentration of ozone caused to blow into the anus for the lower regions and in the ear for the head region. Ozone that is an extremely powerful oxidant will be transported with the blood around the body. Ozone ignore healthy cells but reacts violently with cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances - which then die/oxidized. It does not matter where in the body the poison is because ozone is everywhere and seems mercilessly, even on really impenetrable substances like PCB, DDT. The method is called ”ozone therapy” and requires that you have access to an ozone machine and plenty of time when treatment may take a while before a positive result can be discerned. It is very important to ensure good ventilation and not inhale ozone gas! Ozone is a selective cancer killer which has very high cancer cure potential!

Hydrogen peroxide and ozone are highly reactive chemical substances but are not by definition, ”free radicals”. How it is possible that ozone can be allowed to work in our bodies without posing a health hazard I cannot explain? However, do not use ozone as a general health cure to prevent future ailments. Ozone treatment can be seen as an extraordinary effort that one takes when it is needed.


     Like Dr. T and as many others have stated: D vitamin is an anti-cancer substance, but also the trace element Iodine has recently received considerable attention. Iodine along with vitamin D is particularly favorable against the development of cancer. But for that vitamin D shall be able to do their job requires also calcium. High levels of estrogen in the liver is now normal occurring and increases the risk of cancer. Vitamin D (along other things) is what it takes to overcome the estrogens and its negative effects. For those of us who do not expose ourselves to the sun quite often may one select calcium tablets fortified with vitamin D. This type of tablets is composed of calcium carbonate that our bodies have difficulty assimilating, but with the help of a carefully balanced amount of vitamin D so will the body pick it up. This D vitamin do no more good than to ensure that the calcium is taken up so there will be nothing left for further purposes.


     Also known as Niacin. Dear child has many names. Although its other names make us want to think about cigarettes, there is no connection to tobacco at all. This is, I would say - a super supplement! I've been having muddle with this website for quite some time now but totally missed Niacin. It's a real fiasco, now that I know what B3 can contribute with - and it's not a little... B3 is vasodilatation and increases blood flow, especially in places that may not get as much. This characteristic opens up a lot of positive effects in our bodies.

Linus Pauling that I mentioned earlier and as also coined the term ”Orthomolecular Medicine” felt that vitamin C and niacin are what it takes to restore mainly those who suffer from mental disorders but also we others respond positively. C, E and B3 can be taken in very large doses without harming us. The perception is that DRI is far too low, especially with regard to C. You can take several thousand micrograms B3 without anything bad happening, on the contrary, it seems that the more B3 one take, the greater positive effects one get, which is quite startling I think.

Excerpt from KURERA - positive effects of Niacin

• improves blood circulation • partially cure / prevents osteoarthritis
• heating up the body • partially cure / prevents rheumatoid arthritis
• for better skin and hair • prevents Diabetes
• promotes absorption of other nutrients • relieves / prevents menstrual pain
• mood enhancement (confusion, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia) • relieves / prevents Migraine
• for better dental health • prevents high blood pressure
• makes the muscles stronger • prevents dizziness
• higher enzyme production • relieves pain
• higher hydrochloric acid production • partially cure / prevents Cancer
• promotes hormone production etc etc • prevents / cures asthma and allergies etc etc


     This vitamin is complicated and consists of eight fat-soluble substances - four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. These work, among other things as antioxidants (fight free radicals), but E is said to possess a number of other properties which I will not go into, but in simplified terms one can say that vitamin E works and keeps order inside the cells (where the fat is) - instead for example C, which acts around the cells. A distinctive feature of all vitamins (except some B vitamins such as B5, B7...) is that its molecules are based on benzene rings - so also vitamin E.

The specific feature of E is that it can prevent or protect us from a variety of scary diseases, such as for example, nerve problems, heart attacks and blood clots, alzheimer's, various forms of cancer, plus a whole host of other things. E cooperates with C, selenium and vitamin A. Large amounts of E consume K and large amounts of iron consume E which is obviously not desirable. Thus, in order to get the best possible effect from other important vitamins, E is required to be available. The dose of E is not critical - it can be overdosed. Large intake of E however, reduces vitamin K and is bad for the immune system.

If you now have had the misfortune to be born to a Homo Sapiens, but you nevertheless wish to be in a good state of health anyway - then with Linus Pauling's help you could make a list of four essential substances. These are...
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin)
  • Lysin (essential amino acid)
  • and natural vitamin E


     In the mid 50's developed the first polio vaccine in the United States. Earlier in 1951 had the research confirmed that cancer was a virus and in 1957 discover the two scientists Sarah Stewart and Bernice Eddy different species of a new cancer virus called Polyoma. Bernice Eddy had previously worked as an inspector at Dr. Alton Ochsner, which developed the polio vaccine. Ochsner believed his viral culture was dead but Eddy discovered that they lived and raised the alarm. Ochsner ignored her warnings and vaccinated two of his grandchildren with the newly developed vaccine - one of them was infected with polio and the other died. The scandal was a fact and Richard Nixon (later president) was commissioned to restore the confidence in the clinic. At the same time was Bernice Eddy transferred to another job.

It was after the incident with Ochsners failed vaccine experiment that Sarah and Bernice discovered the polyoma-virus, but shortly thereafter an another incident occur: at the same way as they grew up poliovirus in monkey's kidneys they also grew up cancer virus in pure research purposes. With pure clumsiness succeeded they in the feat to extracting both poliovirus and cancer viruses from same monkey kidney. This meant that a whole generation (millions) children between 1955 and 1963 in the US were vaccinated against polio (all three variants), and at the same time injected with the cancer virus Polyoma, later renamed to SV40 (it was the fortieth virus in order of 39 previously). A variety of simian (ape) virus and different variants of SV40 were blended together with the vaccine, which therefore involved three different types of cancers: brain, bone (leukemia) and lung cancer. This catastrophic vaccination faux pas was classified 1959. One can assume that SV40 and its variants now have established themselves around the globe since SV40 is spread through blood transfusions and it can also be transmitted sexually - the virus is so small that it can apparently pass through a condom, which I myself think sounds strange! Three common cancer types is thus from a polio vaccine that was developed in the United States at the 50's. This was known but they refrained to disclose anything - until 1999.

Dr. Alton Ochsner                                Sarah Stewart                                Bernice Eddy

One month after the election debate Kennedy/Nixon in 1960 held Bernice Eddy a speech at the New York Cancer Society on what previously had been done with the polio vaccine and warned against an unbridled cancer epidemic. When the NIH (National Institutes of Health) got wind of this speech, broke the hell loose and the state deprived Eddy her professionalism, closed her lab, killed her laboratory animals, issued speech inhibition and delayed her publishing of scientific papers. Shortly thereafter in 1961 it was established that the polio vaccine would undergo a purgation. However, it was nothing in the regulations that stated that the infected source for new polio vaccine would be discarded. Nor did they toss newly produced cancer infected vaccines! Vaccines with SV40 were continued in use until the end of 1963.

Dr. Tent got as a child in the late 50th century until 1964, entire seven vaccinations against polio both intramuscularly and orally. This fellow is over 50 but has so far managed to avoid getting cancer, despite the fact that he is pumped full with SV40 monkey virus. He is not alone: 200 million Americans have been vaccinated with polio vaccine spiked with SV40. Probably is it not the amount of SV40 in a person of any importance but it is the physical and mental condition at the virus host that will decide if the virus shall activate itself? It has been estimated that there are 1 of 200 SV40 injected that actually get cancer, which fortunately are very few but still more than normal. Remarkably many born 48-57 did not survive their parents. Unusually many died of cancer 85-87 without it could be explained with an unhealthy lifestyle.

With this diabolic vaccine also followed a SIV virus (Simian Virus Immunodeficiency) which was even smaller than SV40. The researchers noted that (we're back in the 50's again) but ignored it because the virus was considered harmless. SIV is the ancestor of AIDS and EBOLA! The smaller virus, the harder it is to kill... Furthermore, it should be said that scientists in the 50's did not know how much power SV40 would have. If cancer cases has exploded with thousands of new cases in the week so was there apparently a brake vaccine tucked away, but nothing could really be predicted about anything (the brake vaccine may not work either). Regardless of what had happened would however everything be turned into the authorities' favor. The break vaccine explorers would be praised as the world's savior and so on. Psychological and manipulative methods/propaganda were there plenty of even earlier days.

The cancer research progressed however, which was supported by both Nixon and CIA in 1962. They were looking for an antivirus to counteract a cancer epidemic, but instead it resulted in only meaner and more aggressive viruses. They had built a linear particle accelerator in Louisiana for to mutate virus by radiation and then conduct a test, mutate and then test again, and so on. Everything was of course classified.

In 1963 at New Orleans started the so-called Bio Weapons Team which consisted of Mary Sherman (operational director) and Judyth Baker (weapons developers). Lee Oswald was Judyth's bodyguard, and even runners between the large and the small lab. Baker and Oswald had a close relationship during this period. David Ferrie took care of the small lab. In the film JFK played L. Oswald by G. Oldman and D. Ferrie by J. Pesci - his role in the film does not reflect his commitment to the cancer weapons project, however. The aim was to find a (cancer) virus that could remove Fidel Castro. The fact was that the world was on the brink of a third world war and to avoid judgment day would either Castro gone - and if it failed would Kennedy gone. A little strange (I believe) because: it was Kennedy that previously prevented a third world war broke out..? Worth consideration is that during this period in the United States thrived a communist hatred without precedent either earlier or later.

Mary Sherman                Judyth Baker                Lee Oswald                David Ferrie

Judyth Vary Baker was still a teenager 1963. During her studies in high school a few years earlier, she found a way to cause cancer at mice faster than anyone else did. She subjected the mice to cigarette smoke and X-irradiated them. The results were so impressive that Harold Urey (prominent physicists during the Manhattan Project) and Alton Ochsner visited the school and supported her work. Judyth received special training in New York before she was included in the weapons group. Her task: to develop an extra aggressive lung cancer virus that Oswald would arrange the transport of to the target (Castro). The problem was that the victim first must get their immune system impaired before the virus was injected so that it immediately could be activated, and cause lung cancer. The most common trick: exposing the target for a hefty dose of X-rays. The method was tested on mental patients and the tests showed that it took 28 days before the victim died - after a properly completed cancer attack. When Judyth were informed that innocent people had to test her virus she protested so much that Ochsner broke its promise to allow her to train as a doctor ”you are just expendables” - her research career was over. Shortly after: Oswald call her and said that Kennedy would soon be murdered. Fidel Castro was apparently not so easy to get rid of - thus in a way no one could suspect US for it.
Mary Sherman was killed 1964 by violent external force but they arrange it so it could be interpreted as a sex drama that gone overboard. Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered before the trial because the risk that something about US intelligence programs would come out considered as too high. Probably Oswald was not aware that the blame for the assassination of Kennedy was directed at him, completely in agreement with how the film JFK mahouts it. Although David Ferrie was killed 1967 in connection with the prosecutor Jim Garrison unraveling at the Kennedy murder. Jack Ruby was killed in 1966 according to the method that was intended for Castro. They tricked him to visit medical care where he in the waiting room were irradiated with a large dose of X-rays at the breast area and then were injected with SV40 (the lung cancer variant) which he thought was medicine for pneumonia. Ruby died after 29 days from the time of injection.

The research on development of cancer viruses accelerated violently and in the early 70's had thousands of virus been created for various cancers and for other diseases at NCI (National Cancer Institute), including influenza viruses. In principle all conceivable types of cancer and amounts of other viral diseases that a person can get - can therefore be related to a particular virus developed by the NCI.

The reason that all this information now has come to our attention depends on Judyth Baker. For some reason she has been allowed to survive and in 2010 she released the book ”Me & Lee”. Earlier in 1999 she did her first public statement about her relationship with Oswald, who then led to persecution and harassment. In 2007 she came to Sweden, seeking a residence permit but was refused. This can also be viewed on Youtube ”The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The love affair”. Dr. Tent recommend reading the book ”Dr. Mary's Monkey” by Edward T. Haslam - www.doctormarysmonkey.com Another book on the same theme is ”The Virus And The Vaccine” by Debbie Bookchin & Jim Schumacher 2004. An another clip on the tube is ”Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination” by Clint Richardson, or this: ”In Lies We Trust: CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism”.

Judyth Vary Baker - ”Me & Lee”

SV40 is a very small and slow virus. It may be in the host for a long time, completely inactive. It is only when the immune system zags down as SV40 get their chance. If the system for some reason is weakened at any period during the host (a person's) life so can thus SV40 be activated - it thus means that the host will develop some form of cancer. Even if you manage to be cured from the cancer would not the virus disappears - it can be activated again and again. It is therefore important to ensure that you constantly have an intact and well-functioning immune system under your whole lifetime. The sad part is that when a man get old and decrepit weaken the immune system and then he get to say a push in the wrong direction, when the SV40 is activated and puts an end to the host's existence.

Dr. Tent has listed some risk situations that can lead to an impaired immune system and that SV40 is activated. The immune system is weakened in the following situations:
  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Operations
  • Blood transfusions
  • Radiations (X-rays)
  • The use of the drug ibuprofen (NSAIDs, aspirin)
  • Prolonged stress and fear
  • Toxic air, water and food (glyphosate - Roundup)
  • Toxic environment / working environments
  • Toxic family members
  • Cosmetics

Closing words -

   If these events are/were a program to control the population at the world, it seems that the CIA has done a sterling job, but there are some question marks proving that it was a fatal lab accident. This programmed lifetime limit in our society should also influenced Ochsner and many other more or less involved - are they still alive? Who are they, who have escaped SV40 and where do they live? Why Americans - why not Africans? Also Sweden got the contaminated vaccine from the United States in the late 50th century. Those who received the shipment discovered immediately that it swam around both the one and the other in the liquid so they stopped it! Regarding Fidel Castro so is he still alive in this author stage (June 2016) so at in this point has the SV40 project failed completely. For population control should HIV work better - the AIDS-related deaths is highest in Africa and India.

Concerning vaccines are those who travel frequently in a big trouble. Globetrotters should die within a fairly short period of time considering how many syringes/vaccine one must be taken to visit another continents. Regarding Mercury, it is really a polarized element. It is up to the viewer to either see it as the savior of the world no. 1 (ie a population limiter) or as a miracle cure out of the ordinary. In the past they used mercury as we use steroids today. Mercury had the ability to alleviate the symptoms of disease, especially concerning Syphilis. Nowadays it is considered as a poison but it was not long ago people more or less inhaled mercury - in the form of amalgam. I have myself written here about the minerals selenium and iodine that will take care of the surplus of mercury. That said, it was an extremely interesting speech by Dr. T and one become curious to take some of the consequences such a disclaimer can bring in the future...

Regarding mercury and other chemicals in the vaccines, there is an interesting statement by the Nobel laureate Bertrand Russel 1872-1970: ”Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible”. Which means that the reason to lace a vaccine with Mercury is to make citizens more docile and easily controlled? Yes, it may well be appropriate given that amalgam not can fulfill that function in our society anymore...

If one search for ”killing cancer” and ”60 minutes” on Youtube so will one find a clip that is about how patients are cured from brain cancer by injection of modified polio virus in the tumor. The virus opens up the tumor's outer protective barrier so that the immune system can detect it - then the tumor gets eaten up by the immune system. The whole thing is then converted to a local inflammation that in some cases can be problematic to ride out. A malignant brain tumor means at 99 cases of 100 usually a certain death, but in this program as outlines how two women managed to get rid of there tumors, which is remarkable! There are only a few people who apparently have managed to take a long shortcut around the grave, although they suffered from virulent brain cancer? Another example is the Swedish singer Marie Fredriksson who was healthy declared three years after the tumor was detected in the head 2002! It should be clarified that benign brain tumors are quite common and that these rarely involve any survival problems for the victims.


     In Sweden, or more specifically Aneby housed an person who practiced alternative medicine in the form of refining extract from calves thymus glands and then inject it into patients. Elis Sandberg was originally veterinarian but had always been interested in the body's immune system and the organ that deal with this. The immune systems effectively vary from person to person which explained that some people became healthy faster and easier than others. If one could strengthen or enhance the immune system so increased the chance to be healthier or even cured. Elis did it with a scientific approach and tested the first self-made preparations on animals with cancer (which became cured), before he use it on humans. Nothing strange could be seen and people started to do pilgrimages from far and wide to find the home of Sandberg and his THX preparations. In general, patients were positive and many were apparently completely cured of their cancer. Government agencies and medical establishments ran amok and said that there was not any scientific basis for that THX worked. Elis stood firm and patients continued to flow to the THX doctor to receive a dose of the miracle medicine.

Dr. Elis Sandberg

As long as Elis performed miracles, as long were the authorities on his trail to possibly put an end of the quackery. Elis Sandberg died in 1989 but his clinic in Aneby was active from 1964 to 2000. After Elis death continued his son to run the clinic but when authorities manufacturing requirements increased increased also the cost and it became more difficult to get the business to go around. The new regulations put such demands on cleanliness and control of the THX preparation so that the effect as a drug declined and its effect against cancer weakened - this taken together led to that the clinic had to close. In the same moment ceased THX to exist in Sweden but apparently manufactured THX still in Germany.


     Dichloroacetate is a controversial cancer cure and like THX DCA deserve a miracle stamp on it. It is either an acid (a powder) or a salt of dichloroacetic, for example sodium dichloroacetate and is in large doses harmful for humans. In a body behaves DCA as a selective cancer cell killer - it ignore healthy cells but kills cancer cells, though it may have some side effects such as numbness, tingling or confusion, and in some cases affected the nervous system. The great thing about DCA is that the side effects disappear when one stop medicating it. DRI for DCA is normally 25 mg - to increase the effect is it possible to go up to 40, but then the patient has to expect side effects. The strength of these side effects can actually be reduced by other medicines and then you can increase the dosage providing more effective cancer treatment. DCA that is dosed correctly and in combination with other cancer treatment can lead to very good results but in many cases it works great for itself and patients suffering from cancer can be completely cured. DCA can not be patented because it is a simple salt (table salt + vinegar). It sometimes also spontaneously forms in water pipes.


     Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumor cells - have I written about on other places on this site. Now I know more what cancer is and why it occurs, and thus my need for outside help has decreased. I now own the necessary tools so that I do not stand bewildered if an accident should occur. Meanwhile, this knowledge has increased my well-being and health that I now feel much better than what I would've done if I had not been looking closely. It's probably lucky that I have chosen to embark on this path because there is much shit that circulates around the community today, such as glyphosate (found for example in the herbicide ROUNDUP) which, according to Dr. T is a disaster for humanity - comparable with DDT - every vegetable is affected. Maybe the SV40 engineers think that we have become just too good at curbing our cancer and needs better challenges? Especially the beer drinkers are in trouble...

For those who do not know what HAMLET is: a common milk protein mixed with oleic acid that creates a new protein which attack cancerous tumors. A tumor exposed for Hamlet degenerates immediately. Babies receive it natural by lactation. Hamlet consisting of food grade substances that are completely non-toxic, ie has no side effects, regardless of dose. One could almost immediately back in the nineties state that Hamlet seemed effective against at least 40 different types of cancer, but yet have none had the intention to introduce Hamlet as a treatment? It is obviously very difficult in practice to apply it in the cancer region? Hamlet is a selective cancer cure and was discovered by Catharina Svanborg 1994. Many more countries than Sweden works with the development on Hamlet.


     Sulforaphane is an antioxidant that there is much of in Broccoli. The substance has an inhibitory effect against cancer - it slows the growth of tumors. It also protects against the onset of skin cancer. One does not know much about the effects of sulforaphane, but if you want to receive it in your body, so you should eat a lot of broccoli. It is the very bunch/flower which is along on the broccoli stems that the sulforaphane are concentrated. One should avoid heat (cook) the broccoli because it vaporize then - eat bunches raw. Even better is to eat broccoli sprouts which have 20 times higher content of sulforaphane. This miracle plant belongs to the cruciferous species that are very beneficial for human well-being. Broccoli is also a source for K vitamin that is essential for the formation of the skeleton, even the sight is positively affected. Look for dark areas on the broccoli - indicating a high level - yellow sections indicates the over ripe and should be avoided. Broccoli is also a carrier of the chemical substance I3C (indole-3-carbinol) which pulls out the estrogens from the liver and thereby reduces the risk of cancer in the prostate or in breast, plus eliminates other unpleasantness such as high estrogen levels mean. Read more about estrogen further down.

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     ”Metabolic Pandemic” is a global epidemic (pandemic) of metabolic diseases, due to an incorrect diet, which often leads to premature death. The originator of this impressive work is Lars Bern, Swedish Civil Engineer, Technology Doctor, who with long experience and many heavy board assignments behind him finally realized how the Western world's healthcare and food production is working. There is only a brief summary here. Since the conclusions are so extremely important for the health of the little man, it is better to read the book. I would like to say that: this is one of the most important discoveries made in modern dietary science. Linus, James, Tent and Joel - you are really fantastic, but now you have to make room. There is a new player on the pitch... An important person in this context is the Swedish district physician Annika Dahlqvist's work on the concept of LCHF diet (Low Carbon High Fat), which one can say is the solution to the problems the metabolic pandemic is causing.

You can also simplify everything and say that it is sugar and carbohydrates that add to it, which is not exactly daily news, but it is fun if one can back up a statement with arguments, or as here - also present a background analysis that clarifies what the aims and methods are. If you also simplify this, you can say that the reason is money.


     It all began in the United States in the 19th century, when the oil company Standard Oil's owner John D. Rockefeller sought total dominance in the market. The motto was - competition is a sin. When John bought them, they disappeared, which ultimately led to an oil monopoly. When the state later dissolved the monopoly, the commitment diminished and John looked for other ways to conduct business. With the help of his wealth, he was able to make contributions to promote activities that seemed too his interests. The eyes therefore turned to the pharmaceutical industry. The molecules that the petroleum products were made of were also well suited for creating medicines, but the drug market was at that time overrun by naturalists, herbalists and other more or less obscure medical practitioners. Therefore a program (DFAT) was launched that bit by bit eliminated everything that did not Spelled: Organic Chemistry, and its medicines... Medicines that are not needed if one did not make sure to change the conditions.

William A. Rockefeller (snake oil)                                   John D. Rockefeller (monopoly)

John's father William (pictured left) was a ground-breaking salesman of snake oil in the 19th century. Snake oil was simple mineral oil which some claimed could cure all possible ailments.

Herbal remedies and other medicines developed by the Indians (Eclectic medicine) were banned. This was around 1910 - they were cleaned up because society in general (before Rockefeller, Carnegie and Flexner ran through this) was very multi-faceted. Regularly trained doctors and surgeons were crowded with homeopaths, osteopaths and other fraudulent activities. It was considered that they were competing with the new that has to come. The quacks were imprisoned and only drugs that were patentable were allowed. The reform that progressed was in agreement with the Flexner Report.

1980 was the year when the conditions began to change regarding our food intake. At that time (in the late 70's) came reports that fat and cholesterol were dangerous and leading to cardiovascular disease, therefore the producers began to remove the fat from our food in general. Everything with low fat was good food. The problem when removing fat is that it then tastes bad. This was solved by adding sugar but also carbohydrates in the form of wheat. Then they warned about fatty animal products and instead advocated consumption of carbohydrate-rich diet, which was then classified as healthy food.

The final step was to manipulate healthcare so that the doctors during their education were attracted to follow the recommendations that were required to - focus solely on the organic chemical drugs, ie favor the research and use of medicines that remove the symptoms, but fail to cure... Those who you are met by when you have to pay for your goods in the grocery stores - do you see the pattern now?

It is much more studious than that. Various provisions ensure that a doctor does not get any knowledge of the connection between diet and health during his education, which is completely wrong. In this way, one can instead focus on the drugs that are patented, ie the petroleum-based medicines. The doctors are not stupid and understand that something is wryly, but would probably never think of going against Big Pharma. However, fortunately there are some who have done just that.

Someone might think it was a lot of fuss for what problem then? Carbohydrates provide a lot of energy and are saturating, and that about sugar - if one choose to stuff it one have to blame oneself, right? Every time one have to deal with the dentist so there is a nagging about the harmful effects of the sugar.

The problem is that the propaganda about the danger of fat has been so overwhelming that we all have become scarrred of fatty food, for a lot of years. Since sugar is included as a substitute for fat we get it in us even if we not want to. We are usually fed with carbohydrates and sugar without knowing it. As we then grow older, we suffer from metabolic diseases because we have a disturbed nutritional turnover. We must learn that saturated fat is good and seed oils from rapeseed, sunflowers, corn, peanuts are bad. We shall eat animal fat, butter, egg yolks, coconut oil, fish oils and cream in large quantities, because then we will be healthy and live longer. White sugar is refined sugar and carbohydrates are sugar. The body does not need carbohydrates. There is no information of monkeys that harvest their grain themselves. Paradoxically, gorillas are better suited for carbohydrate absorption using their longer colon... In addition, humans have actually eaten fatty animal foods for much, much longer than we have eaten cereals.

I have heard those who are concerned about whether saturated fat really is the right choice of food... The fat accumulates in the blood and seeps up along the arteries, someone claimed. For those who hesitate can be mentioned Pemmican. It was a loaf consisting of dried and salted meat plus a lot of fat. During the 19th century onwards this was used in, for example, polar expeditions or in other similar missions. It did not work with any other provisions, but it was pemmican as one ate, for several months in a row. Then we have the Inuit's who consume raw meat, fat and lard all year round, it works because the human is created (don't ask me why) to eat easily digestible food which meat really are.

Another factor that improves health is eating moderately. We should rather walk around a little hungry than eat ourselves saturated, which is a good rule. Then, you do not become obese from saturated fat; it is the sugar that causes obesity, what older men often get - the first sign of metabolic disease. In addition, the sugar makes us hungry, which leads to... A diet based on LCHF creates a feeling of satiety for a long time.

As I said ”the reason is money”, but it is difficult if you are a conspiracy theorist not to see patterns here. Could it be possible that the corrupt drug companies accidentally make a lot of money on dietary advice that is up the walls? Has the food industry also wrap there's head around this fat-free madness? How come it that this irregularities is revealed so many years later? Will they now try to sort this out? What does MSM say? Do journalists want to hang on or are they also stuffed with gag? The reason is money, but the reason might as well be something else, which is much bigger and more important...


     As an example, we follow a normally Westerner from growing up to middle age. What's going to happen? The very first sign or problem with this individual is their bad teeth. Sugar attacks that cause caries / tooth decay or worse - root fillings! It's the sign that says that your metabolism is now disturbed and if nothing is done we end up on square two: overweight! A clear sign of disrupted metabolism. The remaining steps are difficult to predict, but it is usually about type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (heart attack / stroke). But it is also possible to suffer from another autoimmune disease such as, psoriasis (which I have) or celiac disease (gluten intolerance), MS, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, etc. There are many... If one has bad luck, then maybe it results in cancer and/or alzheimer's.

Do not forget that these listed symptoms may also be due to a basic stomach. A very common folk disease in these times! Thus, there is at least one other interpretation (essentially different from the metabolic pandemic) that can explain this type of problem. Read about ”The alkaline pandemic” under Artherosclerosis to get a better overall picture. Alkaline/basic stomach is a very alarming condition that untreated causes decay and premature death of the affected.

People are starting to open there eyes, but for not long ago one didn't have a whine about what was going on - why am I suddenly so fat and now I have psoriasis - how can it come about? So it goes on until deathdays - the ignorance... Affected older individuals who are eating one medicine after another without any turning can be discerned. Such people usually have a long list of petroleum patented drugs. If the symptoms do not kill you, sooner or later you end up in the poverty house. Pharmaceutical companies bring home billion-dollar profits for people's suffering... About 40 million die prematurely each year due to the metabolic pandemic ravages. No, enough is enough.

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     It should be said that before this knowledge came to my credit was I not at all interested in nutrition. Before, when one was younger so did it not matter what one ate - one felt strong, fit and healthy all the time. Much was only done to satisfy the hunger. So what the food consisted of was completely immaterial. I remember I was worried about drinking too much milk, eating too much fat, butter, cream, sugar and salt, because this could of course lead to an early death - a heart attack. Bread and muesli was considered to be light food while fleshy meat, butter and cream cakes was seen as heavy food, because it was such food one got fat of. However, I was right in that one becomes fat of cakes, pastries, sugar, chips and candy, but not that one becomes fat of bread, sugar and muesli - This was one floating in ignorance about. I got to know a person who was successful dieters who had lost several kilos. The only advice he had to offer was: avoid sugar and wheat. That's it! Everything else can one eat without getting fat - besides the food components, sugar and wheat. And now when I delved into this interesting area, then I only can agree. Bread, porridge or muesli in the morning and meat, poultry or fish in the evening. Or: carbohydrates in the morning and proteins in the evening. Thus, no breakfast food in the evening! Instead of sugar select Honey. Basics a dieters should know.

Nowadays, around here in 2016 have I broadened my horizons considerably. When age ailments become a reality is one forced to grasp the situation, just right before one bows out and knock together - then it is time to start to find out the facts. A bit so people function at the whole? Sure, now and then I occasional consumed a box multivitamin during my past life, but if some had told me that you look better if you take copper, silicon and chromium - well then, I probably would have thought someone wished to jeer with me.


     In the past we focus on vitamins which of course is important but what we have overlooked all these years is the importance of munching minerals. I assume that most people are aware of and understand the value of vitamins? Some vitamins are stored in our fat (A, D, E, K) and can, if delivery is stopped, continue to operate for up to three months. It is enough to eat a multivitamin a day to absorb the vitamin needs. If one is / has been very physically active, then one needs extra iron. Vitamin A is a very important vitamin but in excessive amounts - a poison. Vitamin D can be taken during the winter months but shall be cut back on or completely skip over the summer. Without vitamins everything stops - it goes as an example not to assimilate calcium without vitamin D. The body needs 60 different minerals in contrast with 16 vitamins. One can therefore not limited itself to only vitamins - both vitamins, minerals and trace elements work together in a symbiotic relationship. The one must be there or the other can't do its job. Tests that newspapers write about, where a group of individuals take vitamins while another not is meaningless - for comparison: you let a group of workers (vitamins) start production of anything, despite the delivery of materials (minerals) has ended... If we not get or are deficient in just one mineral - the body needs to adapt to worse conditions. Exactly what the body does to countermeasures the absence I not own the skills to speak of, but it's easy to figure out that if it is missing some components will not the machinery function optimally. In total a human needs 90 nutrients - see picture.

Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner said: that all chronic diseases can be traced to the lack of a mineral. Some of the 53 trace elements which lay deep in the periodic system, such as: europium, dysprosium, gadolinium, tantalum etc - derived from the lanthanides (transition metals). These are localized to the skull for that the brain should function optimally. If you are lucky and can eat vegetables from mineral-rich soils (which we not can anymore, because all farmland is now leached of minerals) so could you consider yourselves as a healthy individual, otherwise you should urgently purchase the drops from Utah.


     The vitamins are important that's a fact but that minerals are equal important or more important - it has probably most of us not a clue about. Lack of a mineral means that something else can take its place. For example, if there is a lack of calcium jumps happily lead in its place - if it gets the chance... With doubtful results however. Thus, when the knees start to hurt and your back as well, your teeth feels weak etc. So it is because of calcium deficiency. Calcium - our most important mineral is a general shortage in our society and cause trouble, suffering and costs seemingly unnecessarily. How is it possible that we let this continue? People dare not to drink milk (read more about milk under ”recommendations”) because it can lead to an heart attack - but instead it only leads to a lack of calcium... If people used salt with iodine more diligent, it would not been so common with cancer. Salt and dairy products are not dangerous, it is the lack of minerals that are dangerous (if we ignore the harmful fatty acids and sugars). Many are the ailments and disorders such as lead, mercury and aluminum alone get up to. Modern society backside: Cancer, Alzheimer's, Autism, ADHD, etc. Dr. T do not call disorders as ADD or ADHD for their names but for lead poisoning. I will not go into detail about the benefits of the minerals because there is already an amazing speech by Dr. Joel D. Wallach online: ”Dead Doctors Don't Lie” which I highly recommend. This story was an eye opener for me!

     Some heavy and light metals and toxic elements that would like to become a part of your life:

Lead poisoning Countered with Calcium or Zinc
Aluminum poisoning Countered with Magnesium or Iodine
Mercury poisoning Countered with Selenium, Iodine or Zinc
Cadmium poisoning Countered with Zinc, Lithium or Selenium
Arsenic poisoning Countered with Iodine or Selenium
Fluorine and Chlorine poisoning Countered with Iodine
  • Keep in mind that too much zinc also pull out the copper from the body.
  • Large consumption of toothpaste may lead to an excess of fluorine that may be harmful to the intestinal flora.


     Six elements as constitutes minerals or macro elements are: Potassium, Sulfur, Chlorine (+ sodium), Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Since the need of them is greater than 100 mg (0.1 grams) per day it is convenient to relate those to minerals. The remaining 54 are also ”minerals” but then the requirements for the intake of them are very small so is it better to call them for ”trace elements”. Not infrequently includes both macro and trace elements in the concept of minerals... Calcium stands out here because the body's need of this mineral usually is crying. Are you very active physical so can one expect a high consumption. Our bones and teeth are made up of mostly calcium and if we are active will the wear increase. The body can not conjure up minerals so if no Calcium or Magnesium ingested (remaining minerals get ones enough of whatever dish or snacks) starts the bones, joints, cartilage, teeth to decay - one age prematurely. Additionally arise various ailments and misery in the form of aching backs, bad knees, creaking joints, etc. As if this were not enough reduced the ability to absorb minerals as age increases. Finally enters osteoporosis and the teeth become loose - the death approaching fast...

In addition to calcium deficiency is the mineral Magnesium number two on the list. Most people suffer from magnesium deficiency as well as calcium deficiency, but also of zinc and boron deficiency! To get calcium to be absorbed by the body must magnesium follow with it, otherwise it will be wrong. Also vitamin D, K and C shall be taken or otherwise it will be wrong again! It is necessary to know that all of this are required before the body can build new bone and tooth material. But that is not enough there, even the trace elements Zinc and Boron supports the process and must be present.

Thus, we take it one more time: Calcium, Magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin C, Zinc and Boron.

One should keep in mind before taking magnesium supplement that for example, a serving of oatmeal or other carbohydrate-rich breakfast provides 100-200 mg of magnesium. Calcium is worse unless it is eaten sesame seeds, cheese or almonds? If you then take a half teaspoon of Mineral Drops (from Great Salt Lake) will it give further 250 mg of Mg and the daily requirement is thus achieved! At breakfast, lunch or at night we gladly drink coffee or tea, but it having the ability to leach the magnesium. Instead of munching magnesium tablets you can take a few drops of Salt Lake more (or why not pumpkin seeds) in the evening? Many believe that DRI is little to little ”amount for not fall into coma” (this claim may be addressed to vitamins). There is an advantage to overdose magnesium a little because it will not run the risk that there will be a surplus of calcium left which in turn can form kidney stones.

In order to meet the calcium needs one have to eat several supplements a day... If you take vitamins and minerals, using cheese and drink about two cups milk in the morning - you still have the half daily requirement left to fill up, around 400 mg... If a capsule/tablet contains about 100 mg of calcium so can one count to four. It is not often people become ill because they eat too much minerals, rather the opposite. If you then take a sip Cod liver oil prepared with vitamin D remains only K and C - a multi-vitamin might be fine?

Magnesium deficiency can also explain why people are suffering from dementia at increasing age. Since 99% of the population daily have low magnesium has aluminum free access. These two are known to be each other's antagonists in which magnesium has precedence - but the door is open because the house is empty and aluminum is found everywhere in our surroundings. The same goes for lead that has been accumulated in the skeleton and joints for several decades. Usually, the body fixes quite tough living conditions - at the same time we are big consumers of both coffee and tea that we daily take, which are good at emptying the body of these essential minerals. So logically, what will be the result?


     DRI stands for ”daily reference intake” and it refers to ”elementary” mineral/metal, vitamin or something else. Depending on age and sex will it vary slightly - but what does it really mean? A nutrient in the form of a metal ion type calcium carbonate that can be located to the stomach/gut will be taken up just under 10 % and if we shall generalize one could say 10 % for all types of metal compounds, for simplicity's sake... You can not weigh the amount calcium carbonate and compare it with DRI but first you have to calculate the elemental metal, which is 40 % of calcium carbonate. If for example we have 1 gram of calcium carbonate is there 400 mg of calcium therein, and it is this that shall be added to DRI. For calcium is DRI = 800 mg or equivalent to 2 grams of calcium carbonate per day. The same applies for calcium citrate but in that case is 24 % elemental metal, which means about 3.3 grams to meet DRI. Calcium hydroxide would be a good choice because it has 54 % elemental calcium in itself, however is this hydroxide also alkaline which affects the gastric pH. Would you have had chelated or colloidal calcium you have to watch out because the uptake can increase tenfold.

If you search online for a while so will you soon bury yourselves in the proportions of minerals, type of ions, dosing methodology, etc. In short: a jungle of opinions and views. With the use of common sense can we assume that one can follow DRI, for each one and buy tablets made up of compounds of kind citrates, stearates or pikolinater (try to avoid glykonater and lactates). It all problematized further due to the accelerating poisoning of estrogens around us in our society that derived from the plastics and packaging. So be sure to clear the estrogens out from your liver, or as Dr. T says: ”YOU BETTER CLEAR THE ESTROGENS OUT OF YOUR LIVER, COZ YOU BEING POUNDED WITH IT”.

     DRI for all minerals (other than sulfur) and the most important trace elements:

Potassium 2000 mg  
Chlorine (sodium chloride) 800 mg  
Calcium 800 mg  
Phosphor 700 mg  
Magnesium 375 mg  
Iron 14 mg  
Zinc 10 mg  
Fluorine 3 mg  
Manganese 2 mg  
Cupper 1 mg  
Iodine 0,150 mg  
Selenium 0,055 mg  
Molybdenum 0,050 mg  
Chromium 0,040 mg  
Lithium 2-40 mg TDI
Tin 0,2-17 mg TDI
Boron 3-9 mg TDI
Cobalt 0,005-0,010 mg TDI

     Unfortunately are there almost any minerals at all in the food these days because the soils are leached out. In the beginning when one grows up an area are there plenty of minerals the crops taking up but over time becomes it less and less. In order to maintain a reasonable level uses fertilizers. The problem is that only a few minerals are added because it would cost too much to round out with 10 or 20 different.

Note the element Lithium - it ought to be moved up? Perhaps it is more important than iron? This may be a factor that affects the outcome of various forms of dementia... It seems that lithium has had a bad connotation - many see it as something that one should refrain. What if it is as essential as any other 59 minerals? It has been shown that lithium is best to expel the ever-increasing levels of cadmium out of our bones. Lithium is a rare mineral that supports the skeletons reconstruction - for that reason ought also lithium qualify in the calcium and magnesium team, along with D, K and C... Anyway it is possible to obtain online as Lithium Orotate. A tablet 5-10 mg a day provides stronger bones and a well-organized brain office. Lithium is considered little as an elixir of life, a substance that prolongs life.

Calcium supplements are available but given that it will be consumed in fairly large quantities, so maybe one should investigate if it is possible to manufacture this at home and it does!

Calcium carbonate (chalk, lime) can be acquired in paint shops at 50 kg bags for quite a cheap price but maybe you're not so keen to consuming this? Would you purchase such a bag should it be calcium over to the next generation too? One can also visit a lime mortar at night and shovel in a few dozen kilos and then return home? Both calcium- and magnesium chloride are usually possible to buy at various sales locations... Have one acquired chlorides can one avoids to fuss with hydrochloric acid and so we go directly to the turnover reaction from hydroxide. Magnesium citrate can be manufactured in the same way as calcium citrate but because the daily requirement of magnesium is met by other dietary supplement is it not up to date here.

That said, carbonates has we mammals a bit hard for so instead of calcium carbonate should we choose for example calcium citrate... Citrates resemble more to food so it will also be taken up in some larger quantities while being gentler to the body. If you buy online a few hundred grams of calcium hydroxide and allow it to react with citric acid, you get Calcium citrate. Thus, one has X grams of calcium hydroxide and multiply this by 1.73 so will it give the weight of citric acid. For example: 500 grams of calcium hydroxide mixed with 865 grams of citric acid (dissolved in water) gives in theory 1122 grams calcium citrate. Reality rarely matches with the theory and the end product should contain both calcium citrate and calcium hydroxide in indeterminable proportions. Most calcium compounds are harmless to people and animals and the hydroxide variant are in use by some tablet manufacturers. The alternative is to produce pure calcium from chalk. I did some research and developed a method for production of calcium citrate or CITRACAL as it is also called - which can be studied in more detail here.

From calcium hydroxide to calcium citrateFrom calcium hydroxide to calcium citrate

   The picture shows from left calcium hydroxide in the washing phase, then the reaction with hydroxide and citric acid. If not the hydroxide is dried but in wet condition and immediately is reacted with a solution of citric acid so will it initially be a yellowish transparent solution, thereafter will the citrate salt be crystallized in larger and larger amounts. If one waits several days or a week can one count with maximum yield. If one use a beer glass (500 ml) as the picture: start with 30 grams chalk - which generates about 45-48 grams of calcium citrate (100 ml).

Before moving on here, it is advisable to issue a small warning first. Far from everyone agree that this is a good way to absorb calcium. In Dr. Tent's world are this information sorted under the category ”synthetic minerals”. Manufacturing a chemical to compensate for a mineral deficiency is unnatural - then it is much better to choose the type of food rich in calcium first. There is a risk that the body will take care of more calcium than it can handle. The first sign is that the Pineal Gland or Epiphysis Cerebri (a small organ in the brain) becomes calcinated. As this gland produces the hormone Melatonin that makes us sleepy so is the symptom: insufficient night sleep. If that happens, then one can reverse the development by reducing the calcium intake and at the same time use Iodine. The fertilization of plants that's going on prioritizes the need for calcium most, so the vegetables in the store should be good then? However, it is worth repeating that the citrate variants are very suitable for uptake and acceptance - because in contrast to a carbonate is a citrate of an arbitrary mineral supplement similar to a luxury variant.
   It feels strange that during my adult life never received information about the importance of magnesium. This mineral is very useful when one wants to obtain good health. Magnesium in various guises controls many bodily processes, from the heart's rhythm to the enzyme action. This particular mineral is a bit special because it is not enough just to nibble magnesium citrate. The citrate variant covers up several body own processes, but one should not ignore magnesium oxide. The oxide is hard and indigestible but is nearly impossible to overdose (most of it passes out through the intestines). It contributes for example to soft stools and reduces the risk of cramps, which are worth considering if you have a problem with such? Other useful magnesium variations are orotate, taurate, chloride and malate. If you want to immerse yourself in the area are there a plethora of websites about magnesium.

Earlier in this paragraph accounted the production of Calmag7525 - which now is unimportant. I realized 2017-18 that there is a senseless simple approach for producing an arbitrary citrate. It is enough that one has the carbonate available to get the citrate at once with citric acid. Thus, to make calcium citrate - one need citric acid reacting with calcium carbonate (chalk, lime). For magnesium citrate - use magnesium carbonate etc. To find pure calcium carbonate is a little bit tricky but it is easy to buy magnesium carbonate. Gym, weight training facilities and mountaineers use magnesium carbonate for better grip. The product I have tested is gForce and this is 100% magnesium carbonate. This material can get reacted immediately with citric acid to obtain magnesium citrate.

Now is it the case that magnesium carbonates is an equal mineral supplement as magnesium citrate is - the carbonate is great for good digestion. This ambivalence means that it's no longer obvious that one have to convert carbonate to citrate. One can therefore grind a gForce brick into powder and then consume it. Even so are there no problems to mix it with calcium citrate if one wants to get Calmag7525, also. Nothing of this is however relevant to me because I'm exclusively using effervescent tablets with magnesium, which I eat in conjunction with meals. In addition, I also take a bit magnesium oxide.

The following description explains how to make the citrate from a gForce brick/cube. The final product is a 50/50 mixture of magnesium carbonate and magnesium citrate.

CitroCarb-mag from gForceCitroCarb-mag from gForceCitroCarb-mag from gForce

Calcium citrate from the carbonateCalcium citrate from the carbonateCalcium citrate from the carbonate

This magnesium concoction can be called CitroCarb magnesium. For simplicity we count on a whole brick. The one I got weighed 78 grams which also means = 78 grams citric acid. The amount of water in milliliters is given by this weight 5 times, which will be 390 ml. Use a low wide bowl and dissolve all citric acid along with the water in it. Crush the brick into smaller pieces and put them in the acid solution. It will form carbon dioxide while the reaction is in progress and it can take a long time. Place the bowl over an element and allow the product to dry. Once all water has disappeared, the evaporated salt consists of half carbonate and half citrate, which weighs 156 grams (78x2). Grind and mix thoroughly - this is CitroCarb-mag. To avoid contamination of estrogens from plastic - use only glass bottles!

The same reasoning applies to lithium citrate. Here are great opportunities to save some money!

The carbonate (which alone serves as a lithium supplement) is found on eBay and can easily be converted into citrate. The citrate is soluble in water and in that way one have an inexhaustible lithium source to scoop out from. It is also called Litarex and competes with lithium sulfate (Lithionit) on who is most suitable for medical purposes - I think lithium citrate is preferable to lithium sulfate and lithium carbonate. It's fun that even Dr. Tent finally has begun talking about the importance of lithium for the human body. In addition to mental illness, this mineral works on individuals who find it difficult to relax. When the brain is running high, with wide eyes and a number of chores stand in the line waiting to be executed - then you should consider whether lithium deficiency exists? Such a condition may in the long run lead to overwork because night sleep also becomes suffering. Lithium acts against these ADHD-like symptoms - the fact is that it helps against a wide range of mental disorders, together with the other extremely important bodily effects.

Litarex in liquid form is best done in this way - first: starts with one liter of normal tap water.
  • Weigh 10 grams of citric acid and dissolve it in the water
  • Then add 5.5 grams of lithium carbonate therein

It may take time before all carbonate has dissolved and been converted to citrate. The nice thing about this lithium drink is that its amount in milliliters is the same as the weight in milligrams. Note that you can only take this liquid in very small amounts! 20 ml a day gives the daily requirement. DRI for Lithium is 2-40 mg. The solution is slightly sour.

Lithium citrate from the carbonateLithium citrate from the carbonateLithium citrate from the carbonate


     The mass production of food causes loss of many nutrients. Salmon and other fish are good sources of different nutrients, but the same dilemma arises as in grain production when we speak of large quantities. Tent often addresses these problems in his speeches. The way people grow/fertilize plants/animals is clearly inadequate. Not rarely fed salmon with for example pig feces, which later becomes consumers' source of nutrition. Fish living in bays close to densely populated areas and industrial activities are particularly vulnerable to environmental hazards. If you get a salmon on the hook outside of Seattle, it's probably a good idea to throw it in again. If you eat this you can count on about 80 different chemicals, medicines and drugs of varying degrees.

Algae in the ocean are incredibly nutritious and beneficial to us land-living. It applies to both those who are visible and those who are not visible - microscopic algae, floating around in infinite amounts. Recently, it has been learned how to harvest these, resulting in for example omega-3 oils that are excellent. Chlorella and Spirulina are two other popular supplements today - so-called ”Superfoods”. So it is of great importance trying to feed oneself with this kind of fish (Mackerel for example) that moves in these environments, instead of fish bred on poop.

This problem can actually be applied to all meat products. Choose wild instead of beef, pork and chicken - they are better at all levels! Moose, elk, reindeer, wild boar, deer, forest bird, fish from the ocean etcetera, have absorbed amounts of nutrients and minerals that the mass produced animals do not even come close to. In addition, animals know what to eat to avoid mineral and nutritional deficiency; we do not have that ability. However, through logical and mathematical thinking is the man able to determine what is good and bad and thus come to the fore on things - a little more circumstantially but not so stupid feature either...


     As Dr. T have also I become a major consumer of all sorts of supplements. It is a specific chores to inventory all pill cans every day, it becomes a lot. Moreover, it is mineral drops to be measured, oils and citrus fruits to drink, and - and there is the limits somewhere? Wonder how long one can keep on doing this? On the other hand, I choose between living with back pain and all sorts of ailments / or / I take care of my nutrition and feel fit and healthy... When you're preparing to travel to someplace - well, then it is a benefit to have a well-organized pill box in the suitcase. Dr. T probably eats more pills than I do but this is an exceptional figure. If one enter that much so can the meals consist of what we called ”junk food” - just try to avoid trans fats and it become an excellent energy and protein source.

The amounts of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron can vary from day to day but the minerals Zinc and Iodine are the most critical. The ability to absorb copper can be reduced if one taking too much zinc and copper one not want to be without, but zinc is hugely important for our bodies - thus, one have to be right on the limits of the DRI. Too much iodine can cause Hashimoto's disease and even other unpleasant ailments, which you have to be very careful of. The dose of iodine varies with the age of the individual. By the way - another knowledgeable person named Tommy Svensson (Swedish nutritional researcher) has tipped to avoid the iron type of compounds named gluconate and lactate (carcinogenic), in addition one should watch out for vitamin E based on dl - alpha tocopherol, it'll be d-alpha tocopherol which are not of synthetic origin. I'll admit that I've read a lot about Tommy's writings and that has been very educational.

The problem with milk or other dairy products is (as we often consume) that cow's milk contains animal hormones that are 3000 times stronger than ours, which then can create some problems. The same applies to meat and other dairy products, which also contain animal hormones. Theoretically, it can lead to excessive aggression or sexual activity. Given that children usually are the main consumers of cow milk, one can think about the consequences that may have? Globally, according to Dr. T is, that only Scandinavians (Swedes and Finns) still tolerate dairy products. M. Rothkranz believes that a good substitute for milk is coconut milk. For example, coconut milk can be used instead of regular milk when making Kefir.

Regarding Fluoride so it is fortunate that the human body has a need for this toxic halogen, because we have to treat our teeth with it every day. The reasoning may for example also be apply to the ”mineral aluminum” as the body requires a bit off, but as the level increases will this substance get the reverse effect - then the mineral is converted to a toxic light metal. The impact of fluoride toothpaste does not lead to our fluoride depot is filled up but this type of sodium fluorine is join together with the teeth and makes them strong and resistant. Otherwise, there is also fluoride in the bones such as Fluorine apatite which is originated from what we eat.

Is one conspiratorial minded considering vaccine scandals or the like, one could suspect that the fluorine in toothpaste release small quantity mercury from amalgam and in that way shortened the life a little - but it is only a hypothesis so far... Sodium fluoride coming down in the stomach and the intestines can only lead to trouble so given there are lozenges consisting of some fluoride makes me a little confused...

For simplicity is here the essential minerals and vitamins (in the Swedish trade) lined up as illustrations:

Many vitamines and some minerals          Minerals and also trace elements          Extra Calcium          70 st. trace elements but also Magnesium          Sulfur supplement          Lithium supplement

     Just when it comes to Great Earth ”Super Hy Vitamins” so is the combination excellent when done with Holistic ”Multi Mineral”. There still is a deficiency of the mineral Boron and the iron is a less suitable variety. Additionally, one can complete with a different form of Selenium. Omnimin Pure can actually replace the first two - click on the pictures! Omnimin Pure have it all! Remember if you want good stuff that really works, it costs a little more. The first three red marked products are ”good choice”.

Depending on which country you live in, you have to find the products that represent the best combination together with a proper DRI. I have limited myself to the Swedish trade, but some of them can be said be called for international supplements as they can be found on eBay or similar sites.

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     He does not mince words. Dr. Tent may be the biggest advertising pillar for Standard Process® - a large US health food company with a variety of high quality products. He reminds me of a variation on ”the angry chef” firm with a focus on health food industry - though he only a chiropractor - with the gift of speech.

On the other hand have I never met anyone that with such perseverance and commitment care about how we ordinary ”expendable” are doing. This fellow has treated hundreds of patients with all sorts of ailments with great success. In this way he has also gained large and loyal listeners. One of the funniest examples was a lady who prayed to God to become healthy. Almost immediately her man wanted her to help bring up a newly purchased tent. He asked her to search for ”tent” and its brands on Youtube, which she did. In this way she instead found Dr. Tent and later he actually could help her to get rid of her problems. Earlier, she never had heard of this miracle man of rank. Another weakling had traveled around the whole world to get advice and help, but fail - when he visited Dr. Tent in Detroit went everything fine almost immediately. Dr. T prefers to stay in his hometown. He has seen too many examples of patients who are most likely gone very badly by the vaccinations travelers had to do. He experiences daily the unprecedented incompetence prevailing in American health care, and nothing has even gotten better since Obama Care was introduced.

As for blockages in the arteries, one can discern two groups or two models of explanations - that the established medical complex consider and as the alternative medicine industry believes. Dr. T joins the latter which even I do.
  • According to established practice is the calcification process caused by poor eating habits, ie fat and sugar combined with too little exercise. In this respect are we both agreed but how does one define fatty foods? NFA believes that saturated fat is worst, like butter or other fat which is hard. The same applies to Trans fats that now are banned in many countries but not in Sweden! Somewhat simplified is the hypothesis: that different fats and a certain type of cholesterol forms the calcium deposits in our arteries. In short for to avoid atherosclerosis, one has to stop eating both saturated and also other fat and cholesterol.
  • NFA advice would never Dr. T sign on. I myself have chosen a fatty diet based on saturated fat says Dr. T and butter is healthy! Margarine, but also Trans fats and other intermediate products however are very dangerous. It is not fat and cholesterol that causes arteriosclerosis. The body is rather in need of more fat - the brain consists of half fat and half cholesterol. I have scanned the heart region at myself and there are no deposits.
     The explanatory model that leads to clogging is of an entirely different reason than we've been taught. We have been misled - misinformed! The fat we eat also helps to provide vitamin D, E and K's journey through the body, otherwise will not the calcium be useful to the skeleton. The fat must be balanced with how active we are. A fat-free diet allows the body/skeleton to decay. However, this has not happened with Dr. Tents skeletons (which are very active), but on the contrary only gotten stronger through the years. It is probably no exaggeration to say that most 50-year-olds skeletal structure is pretty mediocre, because Dr. Tents bone is at least twice as massive compared to an average individual without knowledge of nutrition and bones regeneration - closer to Superman than that is hard to get?

Dr. T may seem a bit brusque when he talks to the audience but it's understandable. He meets people who continually suffer from malnutrition - again and again arises the same problem and it is not always the individual can take in the information. It is therefore very positive that the material can be accessed through Youtube, because it gives people time to think. The ingrained behavioral patterns that we every day are moving in are hard to break away from - our habits and the power of the media is huge.


     What is it then that makes the blood vessels clogging up?

The problem can be spelled gluten, fast carbohydrates, omega-6 and sugar. Our stomachs are not intended to break this down in big loads. We are descended from the apes and should only eat fruit, meat, poultry or fish. Every time we eat wheat, rye, barley, pasta, bread, noodles, candy, soda, chips, fried and other foods rich in gluten/omega-6 as soy, corn and sunflower oil - the system takes a beating. Sure, the food will be useful but it costs a bit - it gets a little inflammation of the intestines (hole) every time because the enzymes that our bodies have mobilized are not quite enough.

Indigestible proteins leak through the gut (leaky gut) to the bloodstream and causes inflammation of the arteries. The cholesterol is moving around the body via the blood and will then attach to the inflamed area. When you're young, it does not matter because the enzyme resources are large and the decomposition process is efficient - the body recovers quickly. At rising age impaired the digestion due to the lack of enzymes and hydrochloric acid and all this indigestible all these years begins to make the aging individual's intestinal bad.

How to prevent the blood vessels clogging up?

In principle, two things:
  1. Reducing the proportion of the fatty acid omega-6
  2. Add extra enzymes with every meal that breaks down gluten proteins
  3. Replace if possible wheat against Buckwheat
     The most important substance that alleviates blockages in the arteries is cod liver oil, which is by far the best omega-3 source. It is when omega-6 dominates as it gets dangerous. Can one make up the excess with omega-3, so that the relationship between them becomes 3:1 (omega-6 : omega-3) instead of 20:1, has one been achieved a maximum protection. Remaining is the problem with gluten proteins. To understand how the state of an individual's fitness can be controlled, one can measure the level of:
  • Lipoprotein A   (0.2-200 mg/dL)
  • Homocysteine   (40-220 µg/dL)
   The values of these two telling us how bad it is with the individual - the higher the value, the greater the risk of heart attack or stroke. A high lipoprotein a-value can be reduced by vitamin C (also with Q10 and pine bark extract). It is not known what function ”lipoprotein-a” has but there is a clear link between a high value and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Homcysteine is an amino acid when if it is high gossiping about the lack of B12, B6 and folic acid. Often it is a consistency with the individual living, that at the time probably eat tran's fats, smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, and stress a lot. High content is dangerous and can lead to serious illness like blood clots, stunted brain or dementia. Older individuals have higher levels of homocysteine than younger.

Since the human body is not particularly good at breaking down gluten you can help by eating tablets with protein-degrading enzymes. Enzymes function as catalysts - they trigger reaction processes in the body (life sparks). If you take a capsule with each meal so will the chance increase that the stomach and the intestines manage can digest all the food including gluten proteins and the risk that foreign substances entering the bloodstream thus decreases.

The enzymes can only break down troublesome proteins if there are plenty of acid in the stomach and around them, so the lack thereof should be rectified with hydrochloric acid pills, cider vinegar or by juice of lemons before or after the meal. If you know you have problems with digesting food you should start to use acid supplements. Unsurprisingly speaking, the older one get the less hydrochloric acid is produced. Long live the carbonated drinks - although they are an acid or? - But make it to a habit to always rinse your mouth with water if you have drunk something really acid-like so that the teeth not become harmed...

Cod liver oil                      METAGEST - hydrochloric acid with enzymes                      Squeezed natural lemons (bioflavonoids)

Supplementation one should possess to stop atherosclerosis and other related ailments:
  • Cod liver Oil (example: Swedish Möller's Tran)
  • Protein digest Enzymes
  • Bioflavonoids (citrus fruits, lemon juice, beets or berries)
  • Vitamin B (B12, B6, folic acid)
   Protein, fat and carbohydrate digestive enzymes have in the current situation been highlighted more and more, and there's a lot to choose from. Mr. Tent often runs with Standard Process products, such Zypan and Enzycore. TriEnza and Super Enzymes are two other American products where the latter also contains hydrochloric acid. Some selection:
  • DPP-4 (a standard enzyme to be included in most brands)
  • Kirkmans
  • Enzyme Complete
  • AFP Peptizyde
  • GlutenEase (popular)
  • Metagest (contains HCl)
   I myself have tested Ledin Ledizym - a sensible product with a wide range of enzymes which furthermore is from the plant kingdom - including three types of Protease (3.0, 4.5 & 6.0) and Peptidase, which takes care of a lot of tricky proteins. One can not overdose enzymes because some of them already are in the food we eat.

This with enzymes that grabs the steak sounds smooth - all you have to do is adding a pill and will then avoid all mean proteins. Certainly it is so - but there are disadvantages. The best would be to reduce the gluten but that is probably too much requested? James Sloane avoids enzyme supplements because the digestion becomes so effective that the intestines get unemployed, in addition the body draws back its own enzyme resources which can cause problems that day no extra enzymes are visible. If you are looking for Probiotics, one should keep in mind that the number of bacterial cultures is limited in a capsule, and this can create a gut flora that is slightly unilateral or has a deficit of bacteria's. Then it is better to focus on Kefir (home-grown) whose large set of bacteria's can be delivered in larger quantities - or prebiotics that feed and make good living conditions for the regular strains.

If you want to follow James advice meticulously, there are other options. Mastic Gum is a resin from the Mastic tree and more useful than you think - this gluey substance it requires very little of (it also demolish H.Pylori). If this sounds convincing enough so can one find it in the nutritional supplement Ulcetrol. Ulcetrol also contains bark powder from slippery elm and other minerals that is very healthy for the stomach. Not forgetting: Diatomaceous Earth (used for desiccant and also filtering) together with Kefir, Rice Bran, Liquorices and Yucca Roots (fiber bomb, prebiotic) is an excellent combination when we speak natural medicine. Other sources of fibers are Glucomannan (konjac gum), guar gum (for dieters), beans and psyllium seeds (gas formation) if one disregards sweetened fibers in fruits. Rice Bran is a fiber bomb loaded with silica and B vitamin (liver cleansing) and taste good (nuts flavor).


     Few have missed it. Bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate) can cure Cancer. And not just cancer - it should also be good against cough, heartburn, sour stomach and all kinds of infections. The hypothesis is that cancer is fungi and these thrive best in a sour environment. Bicarbonate as with water gives an alkaline saline solution, neutralizing the acidity and in this way drives fungus away.

I have always been skeptical about this information and it also applies to James Sloane, who likes to dethrone this persistently which one can access on Youtube. However, it is understandable that people are confused, for example has the product Baking Soda long been used for acidic stomachs which mainly consist of bicarbonate (and carbonic acid?). If you suffer from sour stomach is the source probably from any other imbalance in the body that you should pay attention to...

Firstly, one can not influence the pH of the stomach with for example bicarbonate. The body regulate the acidity if it changes. The infectious agents and bacteria's that accompany the food die due to sour gastric juice, which is essential for our survival. The stomachs belonging to predators are much more sourer than humans - in order to take care of even more erratic bacteria deriving from the rotten meat.

The degradation of food is disturbed by ingestion of alkaline eatables. It is badly enough that older people have a reduced ability to form sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid - this because our gastric juice could melt the food. Such a procedure can have strange effects. The body responds with more hydrochloric acid when it is affected by alkaline stuffs, which creates confusion if one stop suddenly. The end result may therefore be positive. In addition, bicarbonate is broken down to carbon dioxide that form carbonic acid. Conversely, acidic foods give a basic reaction. For example, if one drink lemon juice must the body respond with bicarbonate to restore the stomach's pH again.

Not at least, if the body shall be able to absorb the inorganic compound silica requires a lot of sour gastric juice. Only water does not dissolve silica because silicon compounds in overall are very difficult to solve. If no silicon dioxide is added, the skin loses its elasticity (so that the skin can snaps back) and then bones, joints, cartilage, lungs etcetera require silicon jeopardized our entire existence. A long-term shortfall of silicon manifests itself as increasing decrepitude - one is aging. This is why J.S. chooses Rice Bran on his morning kefir.

The outer layer of the skin is acidic because it keeps bacteria at a distance. Soap that is alkaline destroys the layer so the bacteria can settle down in the skin cracks until the skin is restored. If you use a weak solution of citric acid, spraying it on hands, body and hair after hand washing, shower or sterilization - one will avoid stressing the pH and the skin (as well as the hair) will be healthier. An acid solution is therefore sterilizing while it is extremely gentle for the skin. Such acid water can be made of 3 ml citric acid per 100 ml of water. Lime juice is an option. The advantage of citric acid is that it is odorless. Think of that you who works in the healthcare - - - greets J.S.

Another stubborn reputation states that we constantly and evenly are going to drink copious volumes of water. Yes, it may be useful if we exercise intensively or are about to cross a desert. Do not forget to mineralize the water first! For the rest of us - who usually stays still - one should be moderate with the intake of fluid at a meal. Large amounts of water in the stomach result in extra hydrochloric acid must be produced - to maintain the acidity of the stomach. Instead, be frugal with the fluid after a meal and compensate for the loss by drinking more lately in the day.


     ”The alkaline pandemic” can be interpreted as a metaphor for the metabolic pandemic performed by Lars Bern, a suggestion for a more specific reason that can explain why people in the western world suffer from obesity, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases. It should be said that no stomach is alkaline/basic, because no one can survive then. What happens, on the other hand, is that aging reduces the acidity of the gastric juice, ie the production of hydrochloric acid decreases over the years. The acidity of the stomach has a huge impact on a person's health. This particular fact has taken years of laborious pondering and cogitating to figure out. In my defense, I can argue that as a trained technician it is unusual to take care of and process this kind of biological problem...

In my family or close relatives there are and have been smokers, but that not applies me. What struck me is how good these individuals seem to feel. Overweight is not common and their health is surprisingly good. I would say that a smoker's health is generally better than a non-smoker. They are rarely or never sick and they seem to be spike and actionable people. That should not be true regarding all the writings of the dangers with tobacco? The smokers who have died have all grown older than comparative non-smokers. One in our family died of lung cancer but it was a non-smoker! This is exactly contrary to what one have learned - how can it come about? Do they lace the cigarettes with ”betaine hydrochloride” as thanks for the profits the tobacco industry generates??? This chemical is used in dietary supplements such as Metagest to increase hydrochloric acid production. However, it is not known chemically how the substance works and there is information that actually compares betaine hydrochloride with other organic drugs - type NSAIDs...

It is in science known that tobacco in cigarettes and other smoking devices generates hydrochloric acid in the stomach. I do not know the function behind this but asthma is rare regarding a smoker. This is because asthma is a result of low hydrochloric acid in the stomach, something that smokers rarely need to worry about - a postulate or more applicable: simply a proof that the smoker produces hydrochloric acid, or? There are more ailments smokers avoid:

• low risk of worn knees (osteoporosis in general) • low risk of Parkinson's disease
• low risk of obesity and/or out bulge belly • low risk of heart attack
• low risk of various stomach disorders such as IBS, Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis

If you want to know how it is with the acid level in the stomach you can do a test, the so-called BURP TEST. It is easy to do: in the morning the first thing you do is to drink half a glass of water with 2 ml (milliliters) of bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate). Stir and dissolve all powder. The time starts when the glass is empty. The acid level is normal if a clear burp falls within 3 minutes. Remember that you swallow air when drinking the solution, which can generate small burp close to the time the glass was emptied - these mini burp should not be counted.

At my first burp test I measured 10 minutes! It wasn't that good. After a week of consuming apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and hydrochloric acid in indeterminate proportions, I ended up in 5 minutes on the second test.

The lack of hydrochloric acid slows down the turnover of nutrients in the body. Iron that should be absorbed in close proximity to the stomach will therefore not be absorbed, that was my problem. I don't have Anemia, I have low hydrochloric acid in my stomach - so it's time to find out this now - after 3.5 years of health curing...

So, the big question is: how to go about stopping this alkalinity process. The answer is that one should quickly consume what is sour to help the gastric juice on the way. The stomach gratefully receives, for example; 50 ml of apple cider vinegar after or during a meal. Lemon juice is actually more acidic than just mentioned - a very suitable drink then. I myself tried hydrochloric water for a period of time. Well, quite logically, gastric juice consists partly of hydrochloric acid (of course diluted), so why not take this instead? To 100 ml (milliliter) of water I mixed 1 ml of 30% hydrochloric acid (concentrated). This gives about 0.1 mole and is weaker than gastric juice (0.5 mole). Fortunately, it does not taste like gastric juice - it slinks down without further discomfort. One can also make 5% hydrochloric acid that one drop on the food or in the drink before consuming it.

However, I would like to warn against drinking hydrochloric acid as I myself suffered from back pain during that test period. I got a number of indications that it was precisely the hydrochloric acid that was the cause, however strange it may sound. This may be highly individual, but it is better to warn once too much than once too little. After all, pure supplementation of hydrochloric acid is not a food that the human body is particularly used to handling - I can't think of anything?

Remember to rinse your mouth with water immediately after each intake of something acidic, so that not the acid (lemon, acetic or hydrochloric acid) begins to corrode the teeth instead!

Refrain from lace hydrochloric acid water with something tasty as there is a risk of a chemical reaction. What happens is what will happen, sooner or later...

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     The plastic age dilemma - that's how our world look like today if one focus on the damage plastic and packaging are doing with us. It starts early: babies who use a pacifier storing up large amounts of the female hormone estrogen in the liver, which then interacts with the body in an unfavorable manner - or as Dr. T says: ”our boys was born, suck to the estrogen plug”. Later it will only get worse when we replace the milk in a feeding bottle with the soda in a PET bottle. Then we talk about an acid (carbon dioxide) that efficiently removes chemicals from the bottle material, which later becomes part of its content. It is probably estrogen located to the liver that has caused the large number of breast and prostate cancer cases over the years. A distinct indication of PSA does not say much, but it gossips anyways about that the estrogen levels are becoming alarmingly high and thus increases (among other things) the risk of cancer. In addition to cancer leading an estrogens surplus also to several other problems:

• decreased levels of antioxidant enzymes that the body needs for protection • lowered immunity
• changes in the brain • behavioral disorders
• precocious puberty • miscarriages and birth injuries
• obesity and diabetes • heart disease
• reduced fertility in men  

     Household items such as plastic bags, plastic containers (transparent plastics is the most dangerous), plastic utensils and everything in between contains Bisphenol-A (BPA) and is difficult or almost impossible to avoid. It's like SV40 - one has to learn to live with it. So what we need to do is spend our lives to clean up our livers at regular intervals, but the fact is that it is possible to simplify this task considerably. It's really just about choosing the right type of diet, but I'm starting to add up Tents recipes (which probably is the most effective):
  • Green Food (Standard Process)
  • Cruciferous Complete (Standard Process)
  • Nitro Greens (Biotics)

     Although Dr. Tent uses extracts from cruciferous plants as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower etc. Broccoli stands out because it is loaded with a number of very powerful marvel agents. Broccoli is full of vitamin C but it also contains vitamin K. The active substance for cleaning is called indole-3-carbinol or just I3C. It converts estrogen to water-soluble waste and can easily be washed out away from our bodies. So there we have the answer: start to eat broccoli a few days in the week. I3C is concentrated in the bloom stalk and one should rather not heat or cook broccoli, but eat it raw and fresh. Dr. T also provide information about a product from Food Research® called -
  • Simply Orchic (bovine orchic cytotrophin)
Which is particularly suitable for us men...

Liver cleansing online based on Bupleurum                 Liver cleansing with I-3-C (broccoli)                 Digestive Bitters                 Beneforté - Super Broccoli

     It does not end there, because there are a lot of products that claim to clear the liver which you can purchase online. James Sloane tips on Bupleurum (Indian plant) but also mentions: turmeric, schisandra-berries, artichoke leaf and milk thistle Sweating is another great way to get rid of poisons, including estrogen.

Digestive Bitters - is a liquid one drops in the mouth. The bitter experience will be a starting signal for the stomach to secrete enzymes and thus activated the liver also. The same principle applies if you suck on a lemon or stops a spoon cinnamon in the mouth and let it lives around at the oral cavity.

2013 harvested the first super-broccoli Beneforté in Sweden, which is a cross between a standard British and Sicilian broccoli. It contains 2-3 times higher content of Glucoraphanin than regular broccoli - hence the name. Many scientists agree that the glucosinolates counteracts both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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     Everyone's favorite Dr. Randall Tent or was it Joel Wallach? They have a lot to tell and which ordinary people should think a little more about. For example, if you sleep poorly depend it on one thing: the blood sugar! Thus, Dr. Tent's formula for a good night's sleep is:
  • Paraplex (SP)
  • B Stress Complex
  • Cluco-Sugar-Balance (FR)

   If one aims is to raise the blood quality applies the following:
  • Omega 3
  • Blueberry
  • Ginko Forte (SP)

   Are you in the mood and wants to perform top results in world class:
  • Cataplex E² (SP)
  • Cardio-Plus (SP)

     A very conspicuous statement is: eat this you have trouble with. For example, if you has trouble with poor eyesight so should you eat eyes - for have you seen Muslims wearing glasses? It is because Muslims eat goat's eyes - and if you have poor hearing, eats goat ears - just kidding... Food Research has a number of products (tablets) based on the goat's anatomy.
  • Poor vision? - Complete Eye Health
  • Poor hearing? - Complete Ear Health
  • Poor sense of smell and taste - Complete Smell & Taste

   Dr. Tent usually occasionally print recipes of various vegetable oils that actually everyone should ingest and the most famous are of course: cod liver oil. Oils such as flaxseed oil, coconut oil and tuna oil makes substantial benefits in our bodies - good fats! Flaxseed oil that is a perfect source for Omega 3 also gives the skin a glowing complexion. Another important fat is lecithin that we have a lot of in the brain. Lecithin contributes to several positive effects in a human body: reduces the bad LDL and increases good HDL cholesterol which minimizing the risk of gallstones, boosting the nervous system and increasing brain capacity. Lecithin should also be able to eliminate Psoriasis!

   Coconut oil has risen sharply in popularity lately. Many women/models consume this high-fat product in heavy doses. The reason is probably an experiment carried out in 1940 on a farm in USA who had breeding cows. One day they decided to add a lot of coconut oil to the feed, thus accelerating the growth of the cows - more meat for lower cost. Instead the result reverse as the cows went down and became lighter. The reason is that coconut oil consists of 80% saturated fat and thereto also lauric acid, which then contributes to the fact that smaller proportions are stored as fat and a greater proportion goes to efficient energy use, thus creating saturation. The same result should be obtained from other oils as: cod liver, linseed and tuna oil. Coconut oil has a number of positive effects in a human body that should not be neglected.

However, the best would be if all breeders directly entered the coconut diet and a standard were determined where all animals whose meat is consumed by humans should be fed with only healthy foods. If so, many people would have escaped their cancer, but instead is it only returns that are the main interest. They feed animals with quickly results in strong growth - soybeans and corn, which is even cheaper and causes obesity quickly. Such a procedure favors the occurrence of cancer in the animal which is then consumed and so - we get the cancer... It is that Judyth Vary Baker warns us about. The animals feels best when they look like as the live in the wild - the better they feel the better we feel after we eaten them. Is it so hard to grasp? It's so stupid out there, but it's lucky I've gotten into dietary learning - the more I learn the more pieces fall into place.

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