The fuel additive dEC+ and its mixes


Along with omega-Fe or with any other iron substance seems this long-acting fuel additive previously have had fuel-saving and/or power enhancing properties. Unfortunately, one can not incorporate omega-Fe in dEC+ (except in phase separated variants) but the necessary acetone and D66 is actually possible to squeeze in without that the content of HMTA must be reduced. Omega-Fe which is the final component to get the constellation succeed can of course be dosed with only petrol as the carrier... which then reduces the need for accuracy.

It is essential to constantly maintain necessary amount of HMTA as this substance forms the basis for the impossible to happen. For example, with iron benzoate so can one make a fuel additive with both M1 or M2 which holds all components required to obtain equivalent results - compared with omega-Fe then. There is possibility of adding up variations on dEC+ that you think works well. My two self-composed M1 and M2 seems to be the most optimal, but someone may have another opinion?

Is it high-octane gasoline type V-Power so maybe one prefer two-stroke oil or no lubrication at all? M1 keeps acetone but also methanol must be included to compensate the acetone inability to solve HMTA.


dEC+ M1 dEC+ Mix 1  
For high octane petrol with built in lubrication components.
Dose factor: 0.01 1 %
For 1000 ml M1  
620 ml methylated spirits (avoid IPA)
200 ml methanol
180 ml acetone
50 ml HMTA/hexamine (soluble and filter)
62 %
20 %
18 %
1 part powder per 20 parts constellation
This is A18 instead of A40. Methylated spirits without involvement of IPA is preferred in the manufacture of dEC+.
Consumption gain: 2-5 %  



This variant also contains D66 (a lower dose) and then must the amount of methanol be increased even more for not the content of HMTA shall decrease.



dEC+ M2 dEC+ Mix 2  
For petrol of high quality.
Dose factor: 0.01 1 %
For 1000 ml M2 Preparing of Special+
900 ml Special+
100 ml D66
10 parts methylated spirits (avoid IPA)
6 parts methanol
4 parts acetone
1 part HMTA/hexamine (soluble and filter)

sum = 21 parts

Still A18 but with D66. With 26% methanol will one achieve same solubility that only methylated spirit gives. Methylated spirits without involvement of IPA is preferred in the manufacture of Special+.
Consumption gain: 2-5 %  



This is a unitary FeTA additive that is actually possible to do. The dosage may only be 0.5% for both dEC+ and A40. A40 can hold much ωFe which it does in its basic design. With 30% methanol can the double amount of HMTA be solved in the dEC-additive. M3 stratifies it self and must be shaken prior to dosing.



dEC+ M3 dEC+ Mix 3  
For FeTA compatible petrol.
Dose factor: 0.01 1 %
For 1000 ml M3 Preparing of Special+
550 ml Special+
450 ml A40 (ωFe)
7 parts methylated spirits (avoid IPA)
3 parts methanol
1 part HMTA/hexamine (soluble and filter)

sum = 11 parts

The correct ratio is 6 parts Special+ and 5 parts A40 because it provides A18 and little less ωFe. In addition, the content of HMTA is a little skimpy despite the involvement of methanol and is then compensated with slightly larger amount. Do not forget to choose the right gas station before refueling.
Consumption gain: 2-5 %  
The content of ωFe: 300 ppm  



Down here should it be variations to suit E85, but I have not had time yet.






Variant M2

Variant M2



Variant M3  Variant M3

Variant M3 (unshaken respectively shaken)





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