VAD - voltage and ampere meter with digital display


This project is best suited to build when you also are in the pipeline to build a lab unit, type DC2-LAB10 or something like that. The viewing of the voltage and the current is done through LED displays, which are relatively inexpensive and reliable. The electronics that is need to realizing this can be challenging to solder together oneself? Apparently, I built this for several years ago and it still works just fine.

VAD is optimized for the task but could also be used for other things, for example with measuring instruments of various kinds... Voltage and current are measured simultaneously in a three contact-point and displayed in real time via multiplexing. The analogue conversion of the measured signal to digital signals is based on the ramp-principle.


If you want to look closer on this thing you can download it here:

In the zip-file can you find everything required to implement it (manuals, diagrams and PCB-files)
- except to realizing it.