DC-LAB10 - is a power supply deck for laboratory use


The pictures below show a tower design that has two separate outputs with the ability to adjust a DC voltage from 0-20 volts and also 0-40 volts. The power supply is intended for laboratory experiments but the design could also be used for other purposes. The current capacity is 10 amps and 3 amps.

This is a conventional power supply, ie low-frequency transformation from high to low voltage via a conventional transformer, rectifier and capacitor to a stable DC voltage - it is not a switched mode power supply.

Great emphasis has been focus on various protection functions: Line filter, thermal protection for both the transformer and the heat sink - in addition; start and short circuit protection.

For this project you can choose VAD which is a digital volt and amp meters - suitable for power supplies. VAD has its own page and can also be used for other purposes.

   DCLAB10              Finished DCLAB10

If you want to look closer on this thing you can download it here:

In the zip-file can you find everything required to implement it (manuals, diagrams and PCB-files)
- except to realizing it.