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2017-12-17 04:02

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What do you think      2017-10-13 19:37

I think your website offers quite an esoteric expertise on fuels and lubricating additives. What do you think about TriboTEX ?

Hi Lisa,
The goal of my additives is lower fuel consumption. Other benefits such as cleaning and less wear will be a consequence of it. The method of getting insight is based on tests and measurement results. The best fuel additive is NAMAG that works with naphtha, glycol, hexamine (G+) and acetone. You can read about it here:
[www.esstronic.com/fuel/archive/Patent%20NAMAG.pdf ]

Here you can find information about what I had done:

I do not know anything about TriboTEX but it reminds me a bit of RVS?

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Good stuff      2017-10-12 06:48

Stumbled on this website by chance and found the info to be very useful.

Thanks for the effort!

Keep up the great work!      2016-04-01 08:17

You really are building some very intriguing and amazing projects! I commend you for taking the time to share so much info! They interest me a great deal, as I build very similar projects and am in the automotive electronics field for a living. I am a professional dyno tuner that spends a great deal of time with ethanol testing. My website is dkgoodrich.com and I would really like to talk to you about a few projects and hopefully work with you.

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VIKTIGT      2012-08-22 12:00

Jag svarar alltid på alla mejl! Om jag inte svarar så beror det inte på ovilja från min sida. Jag har konstaterat att mejl blivit förvanskade medan andra helt enkelt försvunnit. Säkrast är att sköta all orderhantering via gästboken. Gör en kopia av ett mejl och lägg den i gästboken annars kan kommunikationen plötsligt upphöra. Via mappen www.esstronic.com/bin kan särskilda dokument länkas.

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IMPORTANT      2012-08-22 12:00

To ensure that all mails will arrive should you always check with the guestbook. All order processing can however be handled through the guestbook. In the bin folder may I link specific documents (www.esstronic.com/bin)

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